2013–14 Wise Woman Herbals Botanical Medicine Scholarship

Wise Woman Herbals logoApplication to the Wise Woman Herbals $2,000 Botanical Medicine Scholarship is restricted to students displaying an exemplary pursuit of botanical medicine study and practice. This scholarship is to encourage naturopathic students to strive for excellence in this area of the healing arts. It is also intended to honor the botanical medicine department and its faculty in their central role as teachers.

For winter term 2014, one $2,000 scholarship will be awarded.

The following criteria have been established to qualify candidates and to determine the recipient of the Botanical Medicine Scholarship.

  • The candidate is a third or fourth year student.

  • The candidate has chosen botanical medicine as a thesis topic.Owners of Wise Woman Herbals, Dr. Ken Koenig & Patrish Meehan Koenig

  • In addition to the required materia medica and medicinary hours, the best candidate has enrolled in botanical electives, attended botanical guest lectures, herbal symposiums, and/or taken a residency in herbal medicine.

  • The candidate intends to focus on botanical medicine in practice.

  • Candidates will submit a 500–1000 word article on botanical medicine as part of the scholarship application process from one of the following topics:

  1. CASE STUDY (involving a botanical treatment outcome).

  2. MATERIA MEDICA (on a particular herb or group of herbs).

  3. ESSAY (why the candidate has chosen a focus in botanical medicine).

  4. BOTANICAL MEDICINE PHILOSOPHY (discuss current health trends, naturopathic or botanical history, the future of botanical medicine practice, and/or botanical medicine education).

  5. RESEARCH & TECHNICAL (a paper written according to guidelines set forth in the “Call for Articles” posted on the Wise Woman Herbals website,

Answering the general questions on the NCNM application page is not necessary for this scholarship.

At the discretion of Wise Woman Herbals, the articles submitted may be selected for publication on their website, along with an announcement and brief biography about the scholarship candidates and scholarship recipient.

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