Emergency Preparedness & Notification

The safety of the students, faculty, and staff at NCNM is of the highest priority. NCNM monitors weather conditions and has an extensive emergency plan to address weather emergencies and other crises that may affect the campus.

If you are unsure whether classes, functions, and events at NCNM will proceed as scheduled due to weather (or other crisis), please visit the NCNM homepage for uptodate emergency notices. Also, stay tuned to TV and radio broadcasts for school closings related to weather. Please do not rely solely on the media, however, for NCNM updates and information.

Emergency Contacts: Available during office hours, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday

Dave McAllister, Safety & Facilities Lead   503.552.2014    email
Mike Hale, Security Officer  503.552.1579   email
Spencer Brazes, Campus Security  503.552.2016  email

NCNM Emergency Response Plan

Download the NCNM Emergency Preparedness Plan

Download the NCNM Clinic Evacuation Plan

Sexual Assault, Misconduct and Interpersonal Violence

NCNM is committed to providing a healthy learning and work environment for its students, staff, and faculty. NCNM works to prevent occurrences of sexual assault, including rape and other forms of sexual and interpersonal violence, and to remediate situations that are found to constitute discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct. If you are, or believe to be, the victim of sexual misconduct, rape, or other forms of violence, there are internal and external resources available to you.