Admission Requirements–Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Program

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Student with computer At NCNM, we value and encourage a broad range of life experiences, along with the development of multiple talents. Historically, many great physicians have had skills and creative abilities reaching far beyond the scope of science and medicine. Wellrounded people with backgrounds in the humanities, arts, and social sciences are often excellent candidates for medical professions.

Criteria for selecting applicants for admission to NCNM 's programs include motivation, intellect, and character essential to becoming a physician or practitioner of natural medicine. Applicants are considered on the basis of academic performance, maturity, and demonstrated humanitarian qualities. Work and/or volunteer experience in health care, coupled with an awareness of the field of natural medicine, is strongly recommended.

ND Prerequisites


All candidates must possess a bachelor's degree or higher from a regionally accredited college or university, or the equivalent (as determined by NCNM) from an institution outside the United States. No specific major is advised though we require a strong preparation in the sciences, and encourage a broad background in the humanities and liberal arts. Prerequisite coursework is used to determine a student's preparation for the ND, MSOM, MAc or dual–track programs. Credit will only be given for prerequisite coursework earning a C or better. There is no advantage to holding a BS rather than a BA, as long as you have completed the program's prerequisites.


The following coursework is the minimum required preparation for the study of naturopathic or classical Chinese medicine. Applicants may apply with coursework still in progress, however, prerequisites must be completed prior to matriculation.

College Mathematics – Algebra, calculus, or math-based statistics


1 course 

General Chemistry with lab (science–major level)


2 courses

Organic Chemistry (science–major level)Must include carbonyl compounds
Organic Chemistry and biochemistry (science–major level) – Must include carbonyl compounds


2 courses
1 course each

General Biology with lab (science–major level) – Must cover concepts in cellular biology


2 course

PhysicsMust cover concepts in mechanics.*
*May substitute an appropriate human kinesiology course (Evaluated on a case–by–case basis)


1 course

Social Science – At least one course must be in human psychology


2 courses

Humanities – At least one course must be English composition


2 courses

Note: If in doubt about a specific prerequisite, contact the Office of Admissions before taking the course.
















Strongly recommended courses 

  • Biochemistry or Cellular Biology

  • Anatomy

  • Physiology

  • Statistics

  • Business and/or Marketing

Other suggested courses

  • Biomedical Ethics

  • Philosophy of Science

  • Public Speaking

  • Microbiology

  • Immunology

  • Public Health

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