Rental Space Downtown. Seventhwave

Location: 1017 SW Morrison, Suite 411

Date Posted: 08/19/2014

Looking for a therapist to be a part of our collective. We are all independent and run our own business, but share a beautiful space in a 90+ year building downtown. There are three rooms currently available for rent.

The first room is huge (250 sq feet) & has lots of windows. The days that are available is Friday-Sunday. The cost of the room is $235 per month.

The second room is 155 sq feet. It has a window and has a great amount of space. It is available 5 days a week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. The cost of the room is $275 a month.

And the third room is available 155 sq feet. It doesn’t have windows, but is a very beautiful space to work out of. It is available Thursday-Saturday for $155 a month.

The space also has a lot of amenities; website, WiFi, gen-book(online scheduling) , tea service, purified water, and cleaning. Check out our website and email me back if interested. We would love to have more therapists to share this beautiful space with.

Check out our website at

Seventh Wave
Contact Information:
Contact Name: Andrew Freeman, Phone: (602)315-1643


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