CCM Provider Needed- Grain Integrative Health

Location: Portland, OR

Date Posted: 08/14/2014

Busy, Busy, growing integrative health center offering collaborative primary care is expanding. We currently have, ND’s, rolfing, massage, psychologist, and hydrotherapy.

We have room for one LAc. Highlights include:
1) Full-time reception coverage- checking of insurance eligibility.
2) Some back office assistance, depending on particular practice
3) Comprehensive EHR charting provided free of charge.
4) You take your charts with you when you leave! You own your own practice under the brand of the clinic brand, so you are in charge of your books, growth potential, and medical charts.
5) Most practitioners accept insurance, billing will be done on your behalf. This allows for a lot of internal referral amongst different subspecialties.
6) 24 hour emergency call rotation for entire practice, coverage shared by doctors on rotation.
7) Clinic is open five days a week. Monday- Friday 9am-1pm and 2pm-7pm.
8) Marketing is done centrally for brand, although providers are encouraged to market on their own, and there is mentorship for that process. Marketing is lead by an experienced national marketing team, many print and designed promotional materials are provided free of charge to tenants.
9) Clinic is well-reviewed and celebrated in social media, including Yelp, City Search, Supportland, KATU news website, and Facebook.
10) Location is ideal, with most of surrounding neighborhood earning over $60,000/year per person, foot traffic, well-established and liked restaurants.
11) Clinic is a site for medical residency and the training of medical externs- both medical directors sit on the board of education for nursing and medical assistant schools in Portland and in Vancouver
12) Clinic is gorgeous, open, sunny location on the ground floor of a commercial building, with window front advertisement.

There are so many highlights to share! The most important thing is that we are looking to expand our family of providers. Our providers are all very close and collaborative- we have been known to all go out for coffee to work on our individual accounting books, to discuss our dreams of expanding integrative health, and we often share meals and holidays with one another and our respective families. We are looking for the following positive qualities in a new provider:
1) A medical license, the ability to pass a background check, and the ability to carry malpractice and general liability policies in your name.
2) Experience is desired, but we are open to mentoring newer providers when appropriate.
3) Flexibility and a team oriented outlook of professionalism.
4) Hard-workers, with smiles on their face and the desire to own and grow a private company- pride of ownership. Honesty and integrity.
5) Experience within a collaborative medical clinic optimal but not required.

We are NOT hiring. We are looking for a provider who would like to work in an ethically-based business model, who is able to take responsibility for their direct growth and potential gross income. Our providers are highly encouraged to accept insurance. We acquired over 800 patients in the last 12 months for our tenants, but ultimately you will be responsible to grow your practice outside of that internal growth. Internally other providers referred over 400 of those patients to 1-2 other providers within our clinic!

If you are interested in touring our space and interviewing for a position please respond by email to this post and we will respond as efficiently as we can (Last time we posted, we received over 80 applicants!). Provide the following noted in subject line “Your specialty, looking for place to practice”:
1) Resume and/or CV
2) Contact info
3) Cover letter inserted into email as text preferred

Please do not call the clinic or walk in, without having previously been invited; we must prioritize the privacy of our patients. Best of luck to all of you out there looking for your medical homes!

Grain Integrative Health, LLC
Contact Information:
Contact Name: Lindsay M. Baum, ND, Phone: (646)373-4493


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