Acupuncturist Wanted in Practice

Location: Oregon City, Oregon

Date Posted: 07/10/2014

We are just simply trying to get the right Acupuncturist in our office to help our patients. We believe in it strongly and know that patient compliance works out better when massage and Acupuncture care is combined. We don’t care if its as an IC or renter, part-time or full-time, we only care its available and accommodating. We do work with some insurances; Providence, Regence, and United. We do see a handful of MV patients. We have seven rooms and two could be used for Acupuncture services. We can also accommodate hydraulic massage tables and supplies. We are very nutrition oriented and have weight loss services. We are also in search for another ND and one DC to provide for us services that patients need and some request.
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Lifestyle Nutrition & Massage
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Contact Name: Scott, Phone: (971)533-5436


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