Rental Space Denver, CO

Location: Denver, CO

Date Posted: 06/26/2014

Renting office space has never been easier than with Ascent Health Center in Denver, CO! Our centralized location in the Lowry Town Center provides our clients access from all areas of the city. We have a distinctive environment for holistic health practitioners such as chiropractor, acupuncturists, mental health counselors, massage therapists and Pilates Instructors who have chosen to work together to create and maintain a thriving practice here.

We offer quiet offices that come either pre-furnished or are furnish able with attractive interiors and a comfortable waiting areas for your clients. Not only is our space warm and inviting, yet your business will benefit from access to scheduling online and adding your services to our already successful website. Plus, we feature a full kitchenette, marketing support (see list below), health and wellness events to participate in, and a network of like-minded professionals to support your business!

Private Room Information and Benefits
– First 3 months are month-to-month, then 12 month lease
– Centralized location with plenty of parking
– Utilities and wireless Internet included
– Inclusion in e-newsletters, website, brochure, vendor fair participation, Ascent Health
Center Facebook Group and Page
– Advertising discounts/specials with Vertical Response
– Be part of our renter meetings! Network! Every 1st Tuesday of the Month

– $25/month for appointments scheduling
– $60 per half day, minimum 8 ½ per month (paid at end of each day)
– $100 per day, minimum of 4 days per month (paid at end of each day)
– $200 per week (paid at end of each week)
– $700 per month for consistent use every week (prepaid monthly on the 1st)
– Become eligible to have your profile on the Ascent Health Center website for a
one-time $50 web upload fee and gain access to our marketing channels when you
spend $ for Vertical Response.

Ascent Health Center
200 Quebec Street
Denver, CO 80230
P. 303-343-8800
F. 303-343-8806

Ascent Health Center
Contact Information:
Contact Name: Dr. Julie A. Marchiol, Phone: (303)343-8800


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