DPA System (Digital Pulsewave Analyzer)

Location: Salem, OR

Date Posted: 06/24/2014

DPA system for In-depth Cardio Screening …

DPA (Digital Pulsewave Analyzer) system for sale — Do you know of a professional that might be interested? … Moved into a new Biotechnology arena — no longer needed in my practice. System works perfectly.

These two sites show details of the DPA and Technology — mine is the “Meridian DPA” …
http://www.digitalpulseanalyzer.com and http://www.digitalpulsewaveanalyzer.com.

As you will see by the two sites above, the going rate for this piece of equipment is from $5995 — $7995

Mine is priced for quick sale at $5800 — no haggling.

Thank you for your consideration,

Dave Neff

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Dave Neff, Phone: (503)581-1392
Email: daveneff10@gmail.com


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