Women’s Health Alternative Care Professionals

Location: Portland, OR

Date Posted: 04/30/2014

We are looking to rent rooms in our downtown clinic. A consult room is available to be rented every day of the week, and additional treatment rooms available on specific days. We are currently a group of 2 acupuncturists with a massage therapist and holistic health coach, looking to invite an ND, NP, Midwife, or Holistic Psychologist to join us. Rent is by the day, and includes:
-A beautiful reception area
-All utilities
-Feature on our website
-Use of our online booking system!
-An answering service who can accept all calls and forward to you, schedule, and take messages!!

Rent is $150 for a room the first day (Example: every Wednesday of the month), and $125 for the 2nd day, and $100 for each additional day.

Our office is in the Portland Medical Center, with access all days of the week, and a doorman to assist your clients finding you.

We would love to have more collaboration and cross-referal in our beloved space.

Vitalize Acupuncture
Contact Information:
Contact Name: Jessica Kolahi, Phone: (503)756-2743
Email: jessica@vitalizeacupuncture.com

Website: http://www.VitalizeAcupuncture.com

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