Naturopath Wanted – Integrative Group Practice in Olympia, Washington – Collaboration, Community, Excellent Compensation Plan

Location: Tumwater, WA

Date Posted: 04/21/2014

We are looking for a naturopathic doctor to join our primary care-oriented multidisciplinary group practice. We are a fast-growing mission-driven business grounded in a commitment to truly holistic medicine, to excellence in compassionate care, and to empowering our patients in their healing journey. We are also committed to community service, sustainable profitability, prosperity for all team members, and to helping build a better health care system, one patient encounter at a time.

Some measures of our success:

- We are growing very fast. Monthly revenues have increased over 500% in the past year.
- Our patients LOVE us. We have more 5 Star reviews on both Yelp and Google than any other clinic in our area.
- Our team members love working here and are committed to our long term vision and to growing prosperous together.

If you are motivated to join and help build a practice within a truly holistic integrative care environment, Heart of Wellness is for you. Compensation is based on percentage of collections plus a bonus based on total clinic profitability plus the possibility for an ownership interest. Practice members are required to participate in regular networking and promotion activities, supported by a large marketing budget and many years of marketing expertise.

Washington is a very progressive state in terms of interest in and support for natural medicine. Naturopaths are considered primary care providers, state law requires that most naturopathic services are covered under most insurance plans, and reimbursement levels are good. As long as you are willing to do your part by giving some talks or doing a little networking, we know how to rapidly build you a solid patient base, so that you can spend most of your time listening to patients, offering your highest and deepest medicine, and collaborating with other providers.

Our gorgeous timber-framed building is set in an urban oasis just minutes from downtown Olympia and includes 11 spacious exam/treatment rooms, shared office space, an IV suite, a very comprehensive medicinary, and a fabulous teaching room. Olympia is a beautiful, progressive, relaxed and family-friendly town with a healthy and growing patient base, good schools and a low cost of living.

Contact: Fred Klemmer, Founder and President

Heart of Wellness
Contact Information:
Contact Name: Fred Klemmer, Phone: (360)870-6866


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