Naturopath Business Partner Wanted

Location: suite 200, OR

Date Posted: 04/04/2014

I have built up a very busy Acupuncture clinic in downtown Portland. But I have a ton of space, with 4 rooms. I am currently only using 2 rooms, 4 days a week. What I want is to partner with a Naturopath to create a ‘WELLNESS” clinic, instead of just an “Acupuncture” clinic.

I don’t want to rent space to individual practitioners anymore. I want to create a partnership, where we will create a new name for the clinic, a new website, as well as go in on front desk staff and marketing. The good news is that the clinic is gorgeous, so you won’t need any start up costs.

We are looking for a very ambitious business partner that is willing to give talks to corporations, market themselves and the clinic, and grow. We are not looking for someone that will be content treating 10 patients a week, we are looking for someone who is willing to work 40 hours+ per week . There is tons of potential to take over the ‘Wellness’ market in downtown Portland, you just have to work hard for it. Ideally the candidate will already have an established patient base. Contact me via email to come and see the space, and talk about the vision of the Downtown Wellness Center.
Contact Information:
Contact Name: wade mcculloch, Phone: (503)919-9091


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