24 Years Established Business Offers Turn-Key Opportunity to Experienced Licensed Practitioners Near Chicago!

Location: Downers Grove, IL

Date Posted: 02/12/2014

Blissful Health Center, with 24 years of established business, is offering a Turn-key opportunity for experienced Licensed Practitioners with their following. We have a warmly inviting, mindfully furnished space for experienced practitioners looking to expand or simplify their holistic health and wellness practice. We have 3 practice rooms, the largest of which includes a consultation table. We would love to support you as you provide for the wellbeing of your clients in a way informed by your passion and expertise. We are located in the eclectic town of Downers Grove, 30 minutes from Chicago by express train. Laundry facility, part time receptionist services, and housekeeping provided, along with an online profile featuring your biography on our collective website and services offered on our online booking program. Booth rent part or full time. Please email inquiries and resumes and inquiries to Sharon Vogel, owner and founder.

Additionally, there is pain clinic in the area, recently established by a prominent MD who supports an integrative medicine approach, and wishes to make connections with alternative practitioners. If you specialize in pain management, this can be a great opportunity to network and reach more clients who can benefit from your therapies. Since your arrangement with Blissful Health Center will be rent per contract, you will be independent, and you will need to reach out to the pain clinic yourself if you wish to form a connection with the doctor. Please contact CAPS Pain Care in Westmont with your inquiries about this, not Sharon Vogel, and ask to speak to Amber Gitter, Dr. Chami’s physician liaison.

Blissful Health Center
Contact Information:
Contact Name: Sharon M. Vogel, Phone: (630)377-4344
Email: sharon@blissfulhealthcenter.com

Website: http://www.blissfulhealthcenter.com