Seeking Dually Licensed Holistic Practitioners in SE Portland OR

Location: Portland, Oregon

Date Posted: 02/10/2014

Interested in joining a community centered holistic health clinic? SE Clinic is now seeking part-time to full-time position to join our team of collaborative and innovative holistic providers. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, whole-person care for people and families dealing with chronic health conditions.

Our team currently includes a naturopathic physician, three acupuncturists, a massage therapist, a nurse and reiki practitioner.

The positions are hybrid independent contractor positions. Pay is based on a percentage of income. Many of the business aspects are provided by the clinic, including insurance billing, reception, support staff and some marketing. Our current clinicians and staff are an excellent source of referrals and clinical support, and potential for growth is excellent.

Apply if you are dually licensed (ND/LAc, ND/DC, ND/LMT, ND/PT, DC/PT or any other dually licensed individual not listed here). We are also looking for MD and NP open to receiving referrals to manage pharmaceuticals.


You are highly motivated and enjoy a busy practice and believe strongly in high quality care.

You have a passion for what you do.

You have an interest in working together as a team.

You are warm and compassionate and enjoy connecting with your patients.

You would like to be paid well for what you do.

*License must be free of restrictions and previous discipline.

Heart Spring Health
Contact Information:
Contact Name: Serron , Phone: (503)956-9396