Massage room for rent in a beautiful downtown location.

Location: Portland, OR

Date Posted: 01/31/2014

Come rent a furnished massage room in this great downtown location. This room is located in the office of two acupuncturists.

The room comes with a massage table, indirect lighting, a big beautiful window with curtains, and wood flooring. You would provide your linens and any massage equipment.

Rent 1 day for $100
Rent 2 days for $190
Rent 3 days for $270

There’s a reception room with seating, tea, water, reading materials, and art. It’s cozy, charming, clean, and minimalist – in style. (120 square feet). There’s wood flooring throughout the office.

The office is located in a professional building in downtown Portland, on the corner of SW Yamhill and 11th – right on the Max and streetcar lines. It’s very easy to find parking around the neighborhood. We’re located of the 4th (and top) floor of the building. The building has a lovely old elevator. There are seven stairs that lead into the ground level lobby before you make it to the elevator.

Contact me if you would like me to show the space to you.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Wheels, Phone: (503)754-3593