Great opportunity for ND

Location: Vancouver, WA

Date Posted: 01/31/2014

Fellow NDs who are looking for a place to practice or know someone who is:

If you do not know me, I am a licensed ND, LAc and graduated from NCNM in June.
I am practicing in a wonderful space and there is room for a second practitioner. If you’ve been considering starting your own practice or branching out to a second location, please see the details below. I would love to have another ND to collaborate with and provide support to one another.

only $262.50/month (includes wireless internet, weekly cleaning and utilities except phone and fax)

This is a three room clinic space where each practitioner would have his/her own room for seeing patients and the smaller, third room could be a shared gyn/study/etc room. The room that is available for the second practitioner is large (11×20) with windows and shades. We also have access to the kitchen and conference rooms located in the building next door.

Located in Vancouver, Wa on SE 1st St. off of popular and busy SE 164th. Close to Whole Foods, New Seasons, and close access to wide variety of merchants. The clinic itself is in the office space of Well Essentials, a boutique retail store offering a professional line of nutraceutical products which creates a great symbiotic relationship–their store can publicize and refer patients to our practice, and we can refer patients to Well Essentials (see Misc. details below for more information). The two gentlemen who started Well Essentials have been wonderful to work with and are very supportive and have been willing to mention our practices on their marketing materials.


The room is currently unfurnished and furnishing it would be the second practitioner’s responsibility.
Well Essential’s can serve as your medicinary and will 1) offer a 20% commission for products purchased by patients, and 2) stock products you’d like them to carry where possible
The space is gorgeous and spacious and perfect for a two person clinic.
I have a mini fridge for lab specimens or injection supplies
Your name (and contact info if you want) on the door for no cost to you
Your name (or business or maybe logo) on the 1st st road sign at no cost to you

Contact me at

Please pass on to others not in this closed group who may be interested, thanks!

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Julia Mortlock, Phone: (541)979-6467