ND Volunteer Opportunity

Location: Portland, OR

Date Posted: 01/28/2014


Outside In is looking for physicians or physician’s assistants to volunteer 3 hours/month at Project Erase, our laser tattoo removal clinic.

Tattoo removal provides a gateway to employment, increased self-esteem, and improved social mobility. Many of our patients are ex-gang members or survivors of domestic abuse whose tattoos inhibit their ability to cut ties to gangs, gain employment, or move past the abuse they experienced. A team of caring doctors and nurses are the backbone of the program, volunteering their time to provide care that reduces social stigma.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please direct the person to fill out a medical professional volunteer application here: http://www.outsidein.org/volunteer.htm or contact Tamara Bartlett, clinic coordinator, at 503-535-3902 for more information.

This is a very small time commitment for a volunteer job with immensely rewarding return!

Client testimonial:

“’Ride or Die’ in big black lettering on my neck is what most people notice first about me. Bad decisions can last a lifetime but Outside In is changing all of that for me. Affordable removal of a past mistake makes it possible to move forward in my life. I cannot afford these treatments at full price, but Outside In is as professional as any other full price laser treatment facility at a fraction of the cost. Thank you for restoring the possibility of a good future right before my very eyes! Amazing!”

Outside In
Contact Information:
Contact Name: Tamara Bartlett, Phone: (503)535-3902
Email: info@outsidein.org

Website: http://www.outsidein.org/volunteer.htm