Practice for Sale – Sunny California

Location: Bakersfield, CA

Date Posted: 01/27/2014

Shifting priorities (named Ben and Annabelle, ages 3 year and 7 months) are prompting the sale of this growing Bakersfield practice. Open 15 months, we weekly receive calls of, “I am so glad you’re here! I’ve been looking for this for years!” We hold the lucrative spot of being the only family practice NDs in a population of nearly 400,000 (there is an ND in the cancer center here, and sometimes another in an integrative IV/HBOC-type MD clinic).

For a the right motivated individual, this practice should easily generate a comfortable income in your first year.

Great downtown location. Solid reputation including recent news coverage. Family oriented city.

Practice is primarily management (or cure!) of chronic disease/dysfunction in children and adults using drainage and basic treatment guidelines, with a smattering of “I feel good, can I feel better?”; “the MDs find nothing wrong with me”; “the MDs can’t help me and sent me to you” and “I’m healthy but my family history is of…” There is potential for a very strong BHRT practice if that is your focus or interest, or for substantial growth in the area of acute-care and pediatrics.

This community is so hungry for naturopathic medicine that when I ran a short facebook ad, people were sharing it on their pages and tagging their friends!

Business and practice mentorship available.

I love this practice and I love what I do–it is a LOT of fun–but I love my kids, too, and they are only this small for a little while.

You will get the most out of this if you: are generally happy and make easy personal connections; can act confident; are open and honest with your patients; are excited about naturopathic medicine; would like to live within 2 hours of beach/snow/LA/fun in sunny California; would like to step into a list of nearly 200 patient charts and developed office systems; desire to “be your own boss”. Drainage experience (or a desire to learn) is a plus but you’ll be able to do well without it, especially if you have some other kind of unified approach.

All inquiries welcome.

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Karis Tressel