Sophia Health Institute Resident

Location: Woodinville, WA

Date Posted: 01/11/2014

Sophia Health Institute Resident

Sophia Health Institute is looking for a new graduate with 1-2 years of experience interested in learning Dr. Klinghardt’s approach to chronic disease.

• Conduct patient interviews, obtain and update patient’s medical and health histories, conduct standard medical and physical examination, and perform standard diagnostic tests in confirming suspected disease or ailment.
• Advise patients of treatment options in both conventional and naturopathic modalities with emphasis on Chronic Disease, Environmental Toxicity, Genetic Susceptibilities, Nutritional Deficiencies, etc.
• Administer and/or prescribe medical drugs, natural dietary supplements, and additional supportive services: Neural therapy, IV therapy, Detox therapies (colon hydrotherapy, lymph drainage, sauna therapy, body wraps, etc.), Manuel therapies, etc.
• Assist Dr. Klinghardt in all aspects of patient management.
• Assist Associate Naturopathic Physicians in patient care.
• Rotation with Nutritional IV therapies.
• Rotation at Seattle Satellite clinic (perform patient care, IV therapy, etc).
• Attendance to all local Klinghardt Academy Events.
• Clinical Research
• Other duties as assigned

Learning Objectives:
• Assessment of chronic complex illness
• Autonomic Response Testing
• Neural Therapy
• IV Therapy
• Detoxification supportive therapies

• Fast learner
• Hard worker (many days are 10+ hours)
• Compassionate
• Detail oriented
• Dedicated
• Positive attitude
• Willing and able to take direction
• Adaptable


A license to practice as a Naturopathic Doctor in the State of Washington is required.


Competitive salary and benefits provided.

Interested candidates please provide resume, cover letter, and references.

Dr. Christine Schaffner

Sophia Health Institute
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