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Computerized ElectroDermal Stress Analysis Equipment (EAV)

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Date Posted: 07/12/2014

This equipment includes the laptop, copper grounding bar and probe, CSA box, imprinting plate for imprinting remedies, all instruction manuals and cables, $4,000 in new software upgrades (in 2014), $4,000 value in Level 1 to 4 technician training for 2 people. Ideal for a Naturopath’s office. Paid $22,000. Asking $15,500. This equipment is 3 years old and supported by Standard Enzyme Company, Breman, GA.

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Alpha-Stim SCS and Alpha-Stim 100 Units For Sale

Location: Portland, Oregon

Date Posted: 07/08/2014

Alpha-Stim SCS -easy to use units for optimizing brainwave states in order to treat anxiety, insomnia, and depression. -Purchased new as part of a bulk order for $300. Retail price is $595. -These slightly used units are priced at $150 each for quick sale.

Alpha-Stim 100 -complete professional unit for treatment of pain both in the clinical setting and at home. -unit can also

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CEDSA Machine for Sale

Location: OCONOMOWOC, Wisconsin

Date Posted: 06/21/2014

Computerized ElectroDermal Stress Analysis machine. $3000. Ideal for a chiropractic office. The equipment includes computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse; one day of personal training; copper grounding bar and probe which attaches to the CSA box; imprinting plate to imprint remedies; all power and USB cables and instruction manuals. Please contact for further information.

Contact Information: Contact Name: Vince Cino, Phone: (262)646-2580 Email:


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Medical Exam Table for sale

Location: Roseburg, Oregon

Date Posted: 06/24/2014

Perfect condition, functioning exam table for sale. Has bed that can become a chair (adjustable height), drawers that slide in and out, OB/GYN equipment (including stirrups), outlet and plug, and more. Email for pictures. *Free delivery may be available depending on distance and final selling price.

Contact Information: Contact Name: Jennifer, Phone: (305)834-5215 Email:


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DPA System (Digital Pulsewave Analyzer)

Location: Salem, OR

Date Posted: 06/24/2014

DPA system for In-depth Cardio Screening …

DPA (Digital Pulsewave Analyzer) system for sale — Do you know of a professional that might be interested? … Moved into a new Biotechnology arena — no longer needed in my practice. System works perfectly.

These two sites show details of the DPA and Technology — mine is the “Meridian DPA” … and

As you

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Digital Baby Scale

Location: Portland, OR

Date Posted: 06/19/2014

Digital baby scale in excellent condition. Top is removable for toddler scale as well. This is a portable scale and comes with a very durable case as well. Purchased for 250.00, Selling for 90

Also have a Welch Allyn light that for speculum exams. purchased for 200.00, Selling for 75

Contact Information: Contact Name: Jennifer Sugden, Phone: (971)409-3078 Email:


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EAV machine: BioMeridian MSAS for sale

Location: Douglasville, Georgia

Date Posted: 06/15/2014

I am asking $4,000 for the Biomeridian MSAS Professional. It is in great condition. Includes all software, probe, handmass, cords, and accessories. (A photo is available if you email me)

It has been an invaluable tool in my practice and I hate to part with it.

Item was $17,000 new. Asking $4,000. Does not include transfer of license.

Pure Vitality Contact Information: Contact Name:

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