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May 01 2013 Palm Springs Life

Palm Springs Life magazine awards NCNM graduate Nicole Ortiz, ND (’08), an Entrepreneur Award at the 2013 Top Women in Business Awards for extraordinary accomplishments and leadership within the business community.

Dec 11 2013 Details

NCNM’s Amy Bader, ND, talks with Details, the national glossy men’s magazine, about energy—and the lack of it—and medical advice about countermeasures you can take in The Details Guide to Having More Energy.”

Dec 06 2013 The Princeton Review of Best Medical Schools

NCNM is included again this year in the “Best Medical Schools” within the U.S.!

Nov 20 2013 HerbalGram

The quarterly journal of the American Botanical Council ran this article to introduce its readers to NCNM’s new Traditional Roots Institute.

Nov 12 2013 ASTECC

Advanced Spa Therapy Education Certification Council (ASTECC) released an announcement about its alliance with NCNM to enroll naturopathic practitioners in ASTECC’s Spa Management & Leadership training program.

Nov 06 2013 The Intertwine

NCNM Adjunct Instructor, Kurt Beil, ND, MSOM, MPH, has a blog post for the Intertwine Alliance, “Green Time, Can research prove nature’s healing power,” in which we learn that research now provides evidence to support the health benefits of nature.

Nov 05 2013 AANP

AANP announces NCNM's new SIBO Center in the article, "National College of Natural Medicine Launches New SIBO Center."

Nov 05 2013 Natural Medicine Journal

NCNM's SIBO Center and the upcoming Symposium were reported on in: "National College of Natural Medicine Launches New SIBO Center."

Nov 05 2013 The Lund Report

The Lund Report covers the new SIBO Center and upcoming Symposium in: "NCNM Launches SIBO Center: New Clinical Approach to IBS."

Nov 05 2013 ND News and Review

The ND News and Reviews reports on the SIBO Center and Symposium: "National College of Natural Medicine Launches New SIBO Center."

Oct 29 2013 Natural Practitioner

Managing Editor Janet Poveromo's story on “Alternative Health Education” highlights National College of Natural Medicine as one of the nation’s top institutions providing accredited natural medicine education and clinical integrative health care training.

Oct 24 2013 ND News and Review

ND News and Review reports on the release of the Origins in Naturopathic Medicine book series: "National College of Natural Medicine Launches Historical Book Series."

Oct 23 2013 AANP

AANP announces the release of the Origins in Naturopathic Medicine book series: "National College of Natural Medicine Launches Historical Book Series."

Oct 03 2013 The Oregonian

Katherine Ziemen, ND, NCNM Adjunct Professor is interviewed for Oregon Live's "Infant Formula: Tips for Making the Right Choice."

Sep 16 2013 Portland Business Journal

Reporter Elizabeth Hayes interviews actors who perform in roles as “standardized patients” at NCNM, OHSU, University of Western States and area clinics and healthcare programs. The actors perform “roles” as patients in NCNM’s GPA exams: "Portland couple thrives on playing heart attack victims, angry patients and drug addicts."

Sep 12 2013 Portland Mercury

Portland Mercury readers voted NCNM’s Dr. Leslie Nicholas a top ND in Portland for her work as an attending physician at Outside In: "PDX Approved."

Aug 12 2013 Natural Practitioner

Integrative Therapeutics awards its STAIR residency to Dr. Allison Hendrix (NCNM '13), winner of 2013 STAIR Integrative Residency Program. Natural Practitioner July/August 2013: "Integrative Therapeutics Names it's 2013 STAIR Residency Winner."

Aug 28 2013 NW Boomer & Senior News

NCNM ’94 alumna Lori von der Heydt discusses the biochemistry of aging in Nutrition—to last a lifetime.”

Sep 03 2013 Portland Business Journal

NCNM’s team of riders is number eight for most successful local business recruiting riders for BTA's Bike Commute Challenge, for the month of Sept: "Wheeling to Work: Portland biz catches bicycle mania." 


Aug 26 2013 The Portland Mercury

NCNM is the focus of a feature article in The Portland Mercury: "National College of Natural Medicine."

Aug 19 2013 MSN News

NCNM's Traditional Roots Lead Physician, Orna Izakson, ND ('09) is interviewed for a story on the health benefits of garlic in: "Rumor: Eating raw garlic reduces lung cancer risk."

Aug 19 2013 Portland Business Journal/Health Care Inc. Northwest

NCNM President David J. Schleich writes a guest column for the Portland Business Journals’ new healthcare newsletter about the need for primary care providers in Oregon: Doctor shortage? Remove barriers to naturopathic doctors.

Aug 13 2013 Portland Monthly

OMSI and Portland Monthly Magazine bring the new "Cook for Life" one-night series of seasonal cooking classes. Presented by Regence, NCNM’s Dr. Julie Briley (ECO Project/ Food as Medicine Everyday) will join Regence Chef Tse as they “Spice Things Up for Better Circulation” on Aug. 27 at OMSI’s Theory Eatery. Check out the KGW promo ad!

Aug 09 2013 Nature & Health

"Australia’s original & best natural health magazine” includes “Teach your children,” about helping support kids to create healthy lives. NCNM’s former longtime Dean of the School of Naturopathic Medicine talks about how parents’ stress can impact their children.

Jul 29 2013 PBS Newshour

PBS Newshour reports on the Affordable Care Act and alternative care in: "Alternative Treatments Could See Wide Acceptance Thanks to Obamacare."

Jul 29 2013 The Lund Report

The July 29 issue of the Lund Report includes an article on NCNM's latest appointment: "NCNM Appoints Dr. Regina Dehen as Chief Medical Officer."

Jul 15 2013 The Lund Report

According to Workforce Demands Strain Healthcare Reform, a report issued by the Oregon Healthcare Workforce Committee advocates reforming billing systems and incorporating naturopathic physicians to help solve workforce shortage issues. The committee believes the changes could be implemented before 2014.

Jul 12 2013 National Psoriasis Foundation

The National Psoriasis Foundation interviews Dr. Roger Batchelor on "Complementary care for psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis."

Jul 04 2013 Portland Tribune

Peter Korn interviews alumni Dr. Martin Milner, Dr. Deborah McKay and Dr. Mark Davis on "Need treatment, will travel (to Portland)."

Jun 25 2013 Know More tv

Dr. Elise Schroeder, Lead Physician for NCNM's Women in Balance Institute is interviewed by for their article: "5 Ways to Reduce Endometriosis Pain."

Jun 25 2013 Naturopathic News Daily

Naturopathic News Daily reports on "Oregon Health Authority Credentials NCNM Naturopathic Teaching Clinic."

Jun 26 2013 Portland Business Journal

The Portland Business Journal reports on the Oregon Health Authority's credentialing of NCNM's teaching clinic, the Center for Natural Medicine, as a Patient-Centered Primary Care Home in: "Rest easy naturopaths, you've got your creds."

Jun 26 2013 The Lund Report

The Lund Report includes an article on a NCNM's teaching clinic: Oregon Health Authority Credentials NCNM Naturopathic Teaching Clinic: Center for Natural Medicine is Recognized as Patient-Centered Primary Care Home. This story was also carried in the Oregon Healthcare News.

Jun 20 2013 The Oregonian

Elise Schroeder, ND, lead physician of NCNM’s Women in Balance Institute, is featured in an article by reporter Kelly House and included in a special women’s health section of today’s Oregonian:Your 20s: Work now to ensure long, healthy life in the future,” and on Oregon Live: Women's Health: Form a healthy future early, from exercise to reproductive issues.

Jun 20 2013 SW News/News from Southwest Neighbors, Inc.

NCNM President Dr. David J. Schleich is the focus of an article by the South Portland Neighborhood Association as its Volunteer of the Year. Amalia de Morris, director of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement for the City of Portland, presented the award at a volunteer recognition dinner held June 18 by the Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc in the Multnomah Arts Center in Portland.

Jun 19 2013 The Lund Report

NCNM President Dr. David J. Schleich writes about his objections to Oregon Senate Bill 2 in a Lund Report commentary, “Inconsistent Oregon Healthcare Workforce Policies Undermine the Triple Aim.” He believes the bill as written will ultimately undermine the state’s goal of improving patient access to qualified physicians in underserved communities.

Jun 19 2013 Portland Monthly

Portland Monthly’s special summer “Health Guide” issue includes a feature by writer Derek Petite with Dr. Courtney Jackson, NCNM’s lead physician of the ECO Project and Food as Medicine Everyday workshops.

May 22 2013 Bike Portland

ODOT sets start date for SW Kelly Ave Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Project NCNM’s long lobbying effort for traffic safety improvements will pay off soon. Construction is scheduled to begin in mid-June. Prepare for delays to campus.

May 22 2013 Portland Observer

NCNM ND student Pedro "Eli" Morales is featured in the Portland Observer: "Art of Learning Naturopathic Medicine: Student on path to promising career."

May 22 2013 Bike Portland

ODOT will hold an Open House at NCNM on June 3 to present the ODOT Project to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety around NCNM’s campus: ODOT sets start date for SW Kelly Ave Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Project.

May 21 2013 The Lund Report

The Lund Report covers NCNM's announcement of the college's newest community-education initiative: "NCNM Launches Traditional Roots Institute: New Organization Will Focus on Community Herbal Education."

Apr 22 2013 The Lund Report

NCNM '11 alumna, Sara Gillham, ND, is helping ZoomCare, Portland’s innovative concept in neighborhood clinics, become an integrative medical clinic. The Lund Report covers the news in "Naturopathic Care is now available at ZoomCare Clinics."

Apr 11 2013 Portland Food and Drink

Portland Food and Drink features NCNM's gluten-free cooking classes in: "The Doctor and the Chef Teach Gluten-Free Cooking Classes at NCNM."

Apr 11 2013 The Lund Report

NCNM's gluten-free cooking class at Charlee's Kitchen is featured in the Lund Report: "The Doctor & the Chef Teach Gluten-Free Cooking Classes at NCNM."

Apr 05 2013 The Lund Report

NCNM alum, Regina Dehen, ND, LAc, was named to serve on the National Patient Centered Outcomes Research Treatment  Institute. Read more about this nomination.

Mar 29 2013 Portland Business Journal

NCNM joins the Portland Business Journal's list of Top colleges and universities for the fifth year running!

Mar 28 2013 Portland Business Journal

NCNM President David J. Schleich is featured in the PBJ photo gallery, “Listmakers: Mayor, astrophysicist and other dream jobs of local university presidents.”

Mar 26 2013 The Oregonian

Oregonian columnist and acclaimed chef, Ken Gordon, muses on health and disease inDiary of a formerly diabetic chef: Questions of health bring us together,” and the help he received in overcoming diabetes from Dr. Martin Milner, a professor at NCNM.

Mar 08 2013 Portland Food and Drink

Portland Food and Drink reports on Charlee's Kitchen cooking classes in: "Kenny & Zuke’s Launches New National College of Natural Medicine Community Cooking Workshops."

Mar 08 2013 The Lund Report

Women in Balance Institute's upcoming Women's Health Symposium is reported in: "NCNM Hosts Women’s Health Symposium for Healthcare Practitioners."

Mar 04 2013 Indian Country Today Media Network

NCNM ’09 graduate, Dr. Orna Izakson is featured in “Introducing Naturopathic Doctors to Indian Service Clinics,” concerning the decision by the federal government to allow the repayment of student loans of naturopathic doctors who practice in an Indian Health Services program.

Mar 05 2013 Psoriasis Advance

NCNM’s Associate Professor Dr. Roger Batchelor is quoted inOn Pins & Needles: Acupuncture is becoming a pain relief option for some with psoriatic arthritis by Portland writer, Martha Wagner.

Mar 01 2013 The Oregonian

NCNM’s Women in Balance Institute Symposium March 16 public session is covered in a piece by the Oregonian’s Katie Muldoon:Michelle Obama, Nike and childhood obesity; Mediterranean diet: Healthy Living.”

Mar 05 2013 The Oregonian

Portland’s “Diabetic Chef,” Ken Gordon, talks to “Foodday” editor Katherine Miller about his upcoming NCNM cooking series in Charlee’s Kitchen.

Feb 19 2013 KATU News

The vaccination debate heats up. Read the article and watch the video of KATU News: "Testimony heard over vaccination exemptions for children." Dr. Heather Zwickey, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, is interviewed for this report.

Feb 23 2013 The Oregonian

Dr. Heather Zwickey, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, is quoted in a front page story in The Oregonian: "Oregon public health advocates push to beef up vaccination education, lagging rates."

Feb 18 2013 KGW Health News

NCNM alumnus Dr. Tony Murczek, (NCNM '07) is featured in KGW Health News: "Paleo diet cuts out processed foods."

Feb 15 2013 Pagatim FM / Health Currents Radio: Let’s Get Healthy: Courtney Jackson, ND, The ECO Project

Ellen Goldsmith, LAc, interviews Dr. Jackson, lead physician of the Ending Childhood Obesity (ECO Project) about how the ECO (pronounced echo) series of 12–weekly workshops for children, families, and adults in Portland,Ore. provide health education and hands–on, whole–foods cooking classes to reduce obesity, improve health and transform lives.

Feb 12 2013 Energy Times

NCNM Clinic doctor Brittany Boyle Kolluru, ND (NCNM '10) is featured in Energy Times: "Red Alert-The plaques of psoriasis may signal heart-threatening inflammation within."

Feb 11 2013 Townsend Letter

NCNM Naturopaths are winners of two "Best of Naturopathic Medicine 2013 Competition" awards for outstanding scholarship and writing. These awards are chosen by the Townsend Letter editors.
First Place Award
In recognition of outstanding scholarship and writing the Townsend Letter awards Dr. Allison Siebecker, ND, LAc and Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND, DHANP the first place award in the 2013 biennial competition for Best of Naturopathic Medicine. The winning paper is “Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth: Often-Ignored Cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome” and is published in the February/March, 2013 issue of the Townsend Letter.
Second Place Award
In recognition of outstanding scholarship and writing the Townsend Letter awards Dr. Jeremy Mikolai, ND and Dr. Martin Milner, ND the second place award in the 2013 biennial competition for Best of Naturopathic Medicine. The award winning paper is “The Milner Acetylcholine Protocol (MAP) for Management of Cardiac Dysrthythmias” and is published in the February/March, 2013 issue of the Townsend Letter.

Feb 01 2013 Portland Business Journal

NCNM is credited with the growth of naturopathic doctors in Portland in this article by Portland Business Journal staff writer, Ben Jacklet: "Measure would target rogue naturopaths."

Jan 30 2013 The Lund Report

The Lund Report publishes news of the death of Rick Marinelli, NCNM Alumni ('82) and 2012 Living Legend, in: "Rick Marinelli, 1954-2013: Naturopathic Pioneer in Pain Management."

Jan 25 2013 Journal of the American Herbalists Guild (Vol. 10, No. 3)

During an interview with this respected botanical journal, Dr. Steve Marsden (NCNM ’99)—a veterinarian, naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist—provides a fascinating glimpse into veterinary natural medicine—and discusses his practice for both human and animal patients. Dr. Marsden is a longstanding member of the NCNM board of directors.

Jan 15 2013 Whole Living

The Tip of the Iceberg,” examines the causes of and cures for cold hands and feet, and includes tips by NCNM faculty, Jennifer Tufenkian, ND, and the assistant professor School of Classical Chinese Medicine's Brenda Hood. The health report by writer Cristina Tudino is featured in the January/February issue of the Martha Stewart publication

Jan 02 2013 Portland Monthly

Portland Monthly "Top Docs" issue features NCNM in the  "Portland Alternative Medicine Guide," by Hannah Wallace.

Jan 09 2013 Virginia Garcia Foundation Blog

"Food as Medicine / A new idea sprouting from deep roots," NCNM's blog post on the Virginia Garcia Foundation blog, Perspectives on Wellness, gives an overview of trends in nutrition as it highlights the ECO Project's work of helping people change how they eat, and the newest community cooking classes now being offered at Charlee’s Kitchen.

Jan 10 2013 Integrative Practitioner Update

NCNM is featured in the January 10, 2013 Integrative Practitioner Update: "Murdock Trust in $220,000 award for Helfgott Research Institute."

Jan 05 2013 The Integrator Blog

NCNM is featured in the John Weeks’ Integrator Blog News January issue: "Murdock Trust in $220,000 award for Helfgott Research Institute."

Jan 04 2013 Acadian Lifestyle Magazine

Past NCNM board member and Cajun philosopher, Mike Manes is the cover story, written by Barbara Gautreaux, in Acadiana LifeStyle Magazine's January issue: "The 10th Annual Most Interesting People of 2013."