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Dec 31 2012 The Oregonian

The ECO Project 12–week healthy eating program is featured in The Oregonian: "Naturopath will lead Banks workshop focused on healthy eating."

Dec 15 2012 The Oregonian

The Oregonian reports on NCNM's $220,000 award from the Murdock Trust in the Community Helpers Donations as of December 12, 2012.

Dec 12 2012 Naturopathic Doctor News & Review

NCNM is featured in Naturopathic Doctor News & Review December 12 article: "NCNM and OANP Award Dr. Kevin Wilson with Living Legend Award."

Dec 12 2012 Naturopathic Doctor News & Review

Naturopathic Doctor News & Review reports on NCNM's $220,000 award from the Murdock Trust Institute: "Murdock Trust Awards NCNM $220,000 for Helfgott Research Institute."

Dec 10 2012 The Lund Report

The Lund Report announces NCNM receipt of a $220,000 grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust for the renovation of the Helfgott Research Institute and Community Education Center: "Murdock Trust Awards NCNM $220,000 for Helfgott Research Institute."

Dec 06 2012 American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

AANP Press Release - "Americans Tell White House to Support Naturopathic Medicine." More than 25,000 people have signed a petition on the White House web site requesting that the health care reform law include naturopathic physicians.  The White House promises to provide an official response to any petition that meets the 25,000 signature threshold.

Nov 16 2012 The Lund Report

The Lund Report continues its coverage about NDs struggle to be credentialed within Oregon’s newly created Coordinated Care Organizations. In “Naturopaths Given Reprieve by Oregon Health Authority," patients share their frustration in losing their NDs as primary care physicians. The Lund Report notes that “patients who want to start seeing naturopathic doctors through the Oregon Health Plan are still out of luck.”

Nov 15 2012 The Lund Report

The Lund Report carries the story on Dr. Melanie Henriksen’s appointment as dean of NCNM's School of Naturopathic Medicine in its Nov. 15 edition: "NCNM Appoints Melanie Hendriksen Dean of Naturopathic Medicine."

Nov 14 2012 FOX 12 News

NCNM alum Dr. Noel Peterson is featured in this two-part TV news report about IV Therapy as a treatment for a wide spectrum of health conditions, from cancer to fatigue. While the benefits might be debated by medical doctors, growing numbers of patients attest to its effectiveness.

IV Therapy, Part 1

IV Therapy, Part 2

Nov 02 2012 The Oregonian

Coverage continues concerning naturopathic medicine and Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organization. A longer version of The Oregonian’s Wednesday online story appears today on the paper’s front page:Naturopaths feel left out of Oregon’s health reform.”

Oct 31 2012 The Oregonian

Oregon's naturopathic physicians have gone to Gov. John Kitzhaber for help, saying they and their patients' preferred form of care are being excluded from state health reforms. The Oregonian issues this online report:  “Oregon naturopathic doctors say they’re excluded from reforms, want help from Gov. Kitzhaber.”

Oct 30 2012 Portland Business Journal

The Portland Business Journal features the OANP’s Laura Farr in its Oct. 30 article: "Naturopaths: Oregon CCOs could shrink patient base."

Oct 22 2012 Organic Spa Magazine

Dr. Courtney Jackson of NCNM's ECO Project is featured in Organic Spa Magazine’s September–October 2012 issue: " A Healthy Ferment."

Oct 16 2012 SW Portland Post

In its October issue, the SW Portland Post reports on the City of Portland's approval of NCNM's master plan: "City of Portland approves naturopathic college's 10-year master plan."

Oct 05 2012 Oregon Live

The Oregonian reports on the grand opening of Helfgott Research Institute in the October 5, 2012 issue: "New Portland research center holds open house today: National College of Natural Medicine."

Sep 19 2012 CNN-Money

NCNM student Aubrey Harding, ND2, has found a creative way to earn some cash for her schooling. Read about it in CNNMoney's "Extreme ways to pay for college."

Sep 28 2012 Bloomberg BNA

The absence of ND's in CCOs is getting media notice. Bloomberg BNA, a leading national media news source, includes in its September 28 issue an article featuring Laura Farr, Executive Director of Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians: "Naturopathic Physicians Fear Exclusion From New CCOs for Medicaid Enrollees."

Sep 06 2012 Philanthropy Journal

NCNM's $198,000 Meyer Memorial Trust grant was included in the Philanthropy Journal's September 6 "News & Bits."

Sep 24 2012 WebMD

Dr. Jeremy Mikolai, NCNM resident and post–doctoral research fellow, is featured in the September 24, 2012 issue of WebMD: "COPD Health Center: Supplements and Herbal Medicine for COPD."

Sep 19 2012 The Lund Report

Laura Farr, Executive Director of OANP is interviewed in The Lund Reports' September 19, 2012 issue: "Naturopaths Left Behind in New Coordinated Care Organizations."

Sep 04 2012 Amazing Wellness Magazine

NCNM Resident, Dr. Ellen Lewis, was featured in this month's issue of Amazing Wellness Magazine: Family Health Primer

Sep 04 2012 KGW

Cindy Reuter, ND, LAc (NCNM alum, '01) is featured in the September 4 issue of KGW's Health News: "Five nutrients doctors say most women need."

Sep 02 2012 The Oregonian

NCNM's $198,000 Meyer Memorial Trust grant was included in this week's Community Helpers column of The Oregonian.

Sep 02 2012 The Lund Report

The Lund Report carries the announcement that "Dr. Clyde B. Jensen Becomes Vice–President of University of Western States." Dr. Jensen served as NCNM's former president, 1996–2001.

Aug 28 2012 The Lund Report

The Lund Report features NCNM's $198,000 award from the Meyer Memorial Trust for NCNM's new research facility in its August 18 issue.

Aug 28 2012 The Oregonian

The August 28 issue of The Oregonian reports on NCNM's $198,000 award from Meyer Memorial Trust.

Aug 25 2012 The Lafayette Advertiser

Past NCNM board member Michael Manes, the "Cajun philosopher," received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree at NCNM's June commencement ceremony. He is featured in the newspaper's August 25 issue and in its online edition.

Aug 22 2012 KPTV News

Jeremiah Godby, 18-year-old son of NCNM alumnus Dennis Godby, ND, is interviewed by KPTV news (FOX 12) about why he is doing The RUN for Natural Medicine. 

Aug 15 2012 The Oregonian

The Min Zidell Healing Garden Tuesday lecture series is featured in Kym Pokorny's August 13 Oregonian column, "Gardening News & Notes: Tuesday garden lectures..."

Jul 26 2012 CitizenPet

The July issue of CitizenPet features an interview with NCNM Board member, Steve Marsden, DVM, ND, LAc, on alternative cancer treatment for pets, Alternative Therapy: A kinder, gentler approach to cancer treatment. Dr. Marsden (NCNM ’99) was trained in conventional veterinary medicine, then became a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist, adapting what he learned to animals. 

Jul 18 2012 The Oregonian

"Diary of a Diabetic Chef: Why I went to a naturopath" – Chef Ken Gordon praises treatment by his ND, Dr. Martin Milner for the reversal of his Type 2 diabetes and the turnaround in his health, including the loss of 40 pounds in six months. “I think the fundamental key to my success was my decision to seek treatment through a naturopathic doctor,” Gordon says. Milner teaches cardiopulmonary medicine to NCNM students and is preceptor for NCNM residents at his Portland clinic.

Jul 12 2012 The American Acupuncturist

The winning essay of the second annual Sokenbicha Essay Challenge Scholarship, “Chinese Medicine Can Play an Important Preventive Role in American Healthcare,” was written by NCNM second–year CCM student Tiare Sheller. Sheller’s essay is featured in the summer issue of The American Acupuncturist.

Jul 19 2012 The Lund Report

In The Lund Report Senator Mark Hass applauds 2BWell community clinic in downtown Portland, NCNM’s newest teaching clinic, which emphasizes prevention and healthy eating, and is part of a partnership with a longstanding acupuncture clinic in Lake Oswego.

Jul 10 2012 The Huffington Post

NCNM 1986 alumna Dr. Amy Rothenberg extends her outreach through her regular blog in the Huffington Post. Her newest article, “Naturopathic Medicine Roots” captures “what naturopathic doctors believe.”

Jul 05 2012 Portland Tribune

The Portland Tribune’sA Pill to Cure All Ills? It’s Just in Our Heads” includes Drs. Heather Zwickey and Kimberly Tippens talking about research, natural medicine and the placebo effect, and a picture of Dr. Sandy Szabat attending to a patient at NCNM Clinic.

Jun 25 2012 The Oregonian

Portland chef Ken Gordon writes in The Oregonian that he’s reversed his diabetes with the help of his naturopathic physician, Dr. Martin Milner, who teaches cardiopulmonary medicine at NCNM, as well as maintaining a busy Portland practice.

Jun 15 2012 Naturopathic Doctor News & Review

Women in Balance Institute at NCNM is featured in the June 2012 issue of NDNR: "NCNM to Create New Women’s Hormone Health Institute."

Apr 10 2012 BioResource

NCNM faculty member, David Berkshire, ND, was selected by BioResource to conduct a 12–week German Biological Medicine sabbatical, winter quarter 2012. Read the announcement in the Spring issue of BioResource News: "BioResource Sponsors Sabbatical at NCNM."

Feb 20 2012 The Garden Path Vol2 No2

As part of its “Healing Garden” theme this year, the Portland Japanese Garden’s monthly publication, The Garden Path featured a cover article by NCNM faculty, “Gardens as Places of Inspiration and Rejuvenation.“

Mar 20 2012 The Garden Path Vol2 No3

As part of its “Healing Garden” theme this year, the Portland Japanese Garden’s monthly publication, The Garden Path featured a cover article by NCNM faculty, Nature as Nutrient.”

May 08 2012 Metro Parent Magazine

NCNM’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kimberly Windstar, talks about women’s health in Metro Parent magazine’s May issue,  "What Up Down There? Five Gynecological Health Issues You Should Know About."

Apr 16 2012 Naturopathic Doctor News & Review

Naturopathic Doctor News & Review carries a “rotating column for the Presidents of Naturopathic Medical Colleges,” in which David J. Schleich , PhD, president of NCNM gives an overview of NCNM’s recent growth—and its plans for future growth in the decades to come.


Apr 06 2012 Multnomah County News

Multnomah County Board encourages people to take cancer-preventing steps,” including eating healthy meals. The story mentions the work of NCNM’s ECO Project, and quotes ECO Physician, Julie Briley, ND, who gave a presentation about the ECO Project to the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners.

Apr 09 2012 Spry Living Online Magazine

Dr. Jenny Tufenkian, clinical faculty supervisor at NCNM Clinic, is featured in the April issue of Spry Magazine in "Home Remedies for Age Spots"

Apr 03 2012 Daily Journal of Commerce

As NCNM prepares for more growth, it is also preparing a 20-year master plan and a conditional use master plan. Initial discussions about NCNM’s plans take place this month with various city departments before the plans can go before the Portland City Council for final approval.

Mar 28 2012 Natural Products INSIDER

Emerson Ecologics announces NCNM’s is implementing a quality assurance program (QAP)

Mar 15 2012 The Lund Report

Laura Farr, executive director of the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians, talks about the battle for non-discrimination language for naturopathic inclusion in coordinated care organizations in “Alternative Providers Turn to Rule-Making Process for Inclusion in CCOs.”

Mar 13 2012 Portland Business Journal

Portland Business Journal "College of Natural Medicine economic impact: $55.8M"

Mar 12 2012 Mud City Weekender

NCNM’s Dr. Pamela Jeanne talks about the healing properties of balneotherapy and about the resurgence of interest in the therapeutic practice (“Group forming to reaffirm healing waters”) to the local paper in Calistoga, Calif., where the new Balneotherapy Association of North America held its first board meeting this month.

Mar 08 2012 Organic Spa Magazine

In "Play it Safe with Supplements,” NCNM Medicinary supervisor and adjunct instructor Dr. Jennifer Brusewitz discusses herbal supplement safety in the march issue of Organic Spa Magazine.

Mar 07 2012 Sound Therapy Radio Video

NCNM assistant professor Kurt Beil, ND, LAc, MPH, and internationally known expert in environmental health, is featured in this video by Sound Therapy Radio (CISF 90.1 FM) during the Healthy by Nature Conference last fall. Dr. Beil talks about nature and health—how being in nature can nurture and help improve health.

Mar 07 2012 Spry Living Online Magazine

NCNM clinical instructor, Dr. Amy Bader, know for her focus on skin health, is interviewed twice in Spry Living, an online magazine dedicated to healthy living: “Home Remedies for Wrinkles” and “Home Remedies for Cold Sores

Mar 02 2012 The Oregonian

The Oregonian article, “Focus on gluten: Avoiding it requires diligence” highlights the work of NCNM graduate Lisa Shaver, ND, LAc.

Mar 01 2012 Herbalgram's Spring Issue

An obituary for NCNM’s first librarian, Friedhelm Kirchfeld, is featured in the spring issue of “Herbalgram,” the highly regarded journal of the American Herbalist Association. Sharing their thoughts and recollections about Freidhlem are NCNM Librarian Rick Severson, PhD, and Associate Dean of Academic Progress Catherine Downey, ND.

Feb 13 2012 American Botanical Board

NCNM Alumni, Tori Hudson, ND and Duffy MacKay, ND are selected to the American Botanical Council Advisory Board.

Feb 06 2012 Journal of Philanthropy

Top NCNM donors Bob and Charlee Moore are named to the Journal of Philanthropy's Top 50 List

Feb 02 2012 iVillage

Roger Batchelor, DOAM, LAc and associate professor in National College of Natural Medicine’s School of Classical Chinese Medicine explains the benefits of moxibustion in the Feb. 2, 2012 edition of iVillage. An inexpensive, comforting treatment that is especially useful in fighting chronic tiredness, overwork, and the aches and pains that come with age.

Jun 22 2012 CNN Online

NCNM alumni Paul Stamets is one of the most prominent proponents of using mushrooms for medicinal purposes. He was recent feature in a CNN online article and video.

Besides traveling the world to look for exotic mushrooms, he also lectures about them and runs a mushroom supplement company with his wife called Fungi Perfecti.

Feb 02 2012 Portland Life

Stick a Fork in It: NCNM Alumni April Abernathy's program for reclaiming your health is featured in the January 12, 2012 issue of Portland Life.

Jan 24 2012 AANP

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a federal register notice on January 23, 2012, defining eligibility for participation in the Indian Health Service (IHS) loan repayment program. For the first time, HHS has included licensed naturopathic doctors on the list of "priority health professions." Graduates of accredited naturopathic medical schools may now pursue this opportunity to provide services to meet the needs of this at-risk population. Read the AANP press release for more details

Jan 11 2012 Portland Business Journal

NCNM Alumni Profiled in the Portland Business Journal, NCNM alumni Dr. Natasha Kassam is profiled in the January 11, 2012 issue of the Portland Business Journal.

Jan 04 2012 The Oregonian & New York Times

At the tail-end of 2011, an OHSU research study led by NCNM alumnus (2004), Gene Bowman, ND, MPH, made major news. Dr. Bowman (now an OHSU professor of neurology) and his team are studying how nutrition effects cognitive function in older adults. The Oregonian broke the story on the front page of the Dec. 29 issue as its leading headline, “Healthy food, healthy mind?The New York Times followed up with its own story Jan. 2, “Nutrition: 4 Vitamins That Strengthen Older Brains.” The study has been covered in a number of media outlets, including, locally, KATU TV,New study reveals what you eat impacts your brain.Watch the video. Congratulations, Dr. Bowman!