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Jun 30 2010 The Townsend Letter

The Townsend Letter reported on the passing of its dearly beloved NCNM community member Anna MacIntosh, PhD, ND, after a long battle with ovarian cancer. Dr. MacIntosh passed away quietly on Dec. 13, 2009. A memorial was held at NCNM on June 19, 2010, for the community and her family, friends, former students, and colleagues to celebrate and honor Dr. MacIntosh's life and spirit.

Aug 01 2010 Oregon Business

NCNM ranks 37 in Oregon Business' Powerlist: Colleges & Universities.

Jan 05 2010 Natural Health Magazine

Natural Health Magazine article on fighting infections without antibiotics with Drs. Sandberg-Lewis & Kalnins

Dec 03 2010 Portland Business Journal

Natural medicine college grows through renovation

Nov 12 2010 Psoriasis Advance Vol 8, No 4

No scientific proof that diets help psoriasis. Dr. Heather Zwickey, dean of research at NCNM, chats about a preliminary study testing two different diets and their effect on psoriasis.

Oct 10 2010 Oregon Daily Emerald (University of Oregon)

Professor of Chinese medicine in Portland takes emotions and spirit into account. Dr. Heiner Fruehauf, a professor at NCNM is spotlighted.

Sep 01 2010 Natural Solutions Magazine

The Kids Aren't Alright. Dr. Rita Bettenburg, dean of naturopathic medicine at NCNM; and Dr. Jared Skowron, NCNM alumni, give their views on helping children be healthier with simple solutions.

Aug 03 2010 Natural Medicine Journal

Advancing Natural Medicine Through Research: The Helfgott Research Institute.

May 20 2010 Portland Tribune

Guest Opinion: Myths cloud real story of naturopathic care.  NCNM faculty member Dr. Sheryl Estlund responds to April 1 story.

May 03 2010 Remedies

Getting to the Point with Acupuncture.  If you prefer to take a holistic and preventive approach to improving your health, take a stab at acupuncture.  Professor Roger Batchelor is interviewed.

Apr 22 2010 Portland Tribune

Oregon's vaccine aversion getting national attention.  NCNM alumna Dr. Hilary Andrews talks about the holistic approach to immunizations.

Apr 22 2010 Portland Tribune

MDs, naturopaths can co-exist. Reader's letters comment on the April 1 Tribune story about naturopaths filling the primary care shortage.

Apr 16 2010 MSN

What Your Hunger is Telling You: The subtle messages behind your food cravings. Dr. Marnie Loomis, NCNM alumna and director of professional development, is quoted.

Apr 12 2010 The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)

Healing Options: Naturopathy mixes traditional doctoring and alternative therapies. This story features NCNM alumni (2009) Justin Morse.

Apr 05 2010 Change

Time to Clean Up Your "Tract."  Follow the 80/20 rule, drink lots of water and understand how the food you eat affects your first line of immune system defense: your digestive system. Dr. Vanessa Esteves, CE officer and NCNM alumna, is quoted.

Apr 01 2010 Portland Tribune

Paging Dr. Alternative: State pushing naturopaths to fill shortage in primary care.  Director of clinical operations Dr. Jill Sanders, and alumna Dr. Rebecca Asmar contribute to this hot topic.

Mar 15 2010 Janesville, WI Gazette

Doctor's vision for healthcare includes mind, body and spirit. Story on alumna, Dr. Carrie Kaiser.

Mar 13 2010 The Oregonian

NCNM is "Scene & Heard"  — the Feb. 12 Sweetheart Medicine Ball drew almost 400 guests.

Mar 10 2010 The Oregonian

Oregon's suicide headache tree: Researchers find that the scent of myrtle foliage can set off excruciating pain.  Dr. Glen Nagel is quoted.

Mar 02 2010 Bottom Line Health

Natural Infection Fighters: Beat bacteria, viruses and fungi – without resorting to powerful drugs. Story by faculty member Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis.

Feb 16 2010 KATU News

European-style 'salt cave' opens in the Pearl. Dr. Sussanna Czeranko talks about the healing properties of salt.

Feb 11 2010 Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI)

Skier's cheese cure is new to Dairyland. Dr. Karen Frangos talks about natural remedies for sports injuries.

Feb 02 2010 Massage Magazine

Healing Touch Helps Chronic Headaches. Both Helfgott Research Institute and NCNM were contacted for this story.

Jan 08 2010 Natural Health Magazine

Antibiotic Alternatives: Fighting infections without antibiotics with Drs. Sandberg-Lewis & Kalnins