Heather Zwickey, PhD

School of Research & Graduate Studies



Dean of Research and Graduate Studies,
Professor of Immunology
Director, NCNM Helfgott Research Institute






PhD, Immunology & Microbiology,
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, 1998

 Office Phone






BAS437   Immunology
CLS620E   Gut Immunology

Heather Zwickey, PhD


Dr. Heather Zwickey brings a fresh inspiration to research at NCNM. Her training at the world renowned National Jewish Medical and Research Center in Denver prepared her to complete a post-doctoral fellowship at Yale University. Dr. Zwickey seeks to prove natural therapies' benefit to immunological responses. Her research experience examining the effects of botanicals, probiotics, energy medicine, and diet on immunological parameters in humans is pivotal to achieving this task. Dr. Zwickey also explores the mechanisms involved in infectious disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, psychoneuroimmunology, and immunological tolerance.

Since joining NCNM, Dr. Zwickey has received an enthusiastic response and support from students and NCNM administration for her many accomplishments. She has received several awards–including a research award, and a lifetime achievement award–from NCNM students and faculty. In addition, she is an inveterate fundraiser for NCNM research, including raising more than $1,000,000 in donations to launch the Helfgott Research Institute. 

Dr. Zwickey initiated the Student Research Program at NCNM and serves as a mentor for student research projects. She enjoys mentoring post-doctoral fellows and junior investigators. In line with mentoring the next generation of integrative medicine researchers, Dr. Zwickey serves as the principal investigator of a NIH grant that increases research and evidence-based medicine in the curriculum at NCNM. Her long-term personal goal is to establish NCNM as one of the leading integrative medicine research institutions in the U.S.

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