Dr. Marcus Miller

School of Naturopathic Medicine & School 



Associate Professor



Internal Medicine & Pharmacology



ND, National College of Natural Medicine, 2001

MD, Louisiana State University Medical School, 1982

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CLE709  Clinic Secondary Rotation
CLE811  Clinic Primary Rotation
BAS418/428/438  Basic Science Clinical Correlates I, II, III
CLS510L/520L/530L  Clinical Physical Diagnosis Lab I, II, III
CLS522/532/542  Pathology II, III, IV
NOS712  Endocrinology
NOS714  Geriatrics

Marcus Miller, MD, ND


Dr. Marcus Miller is one of a small number of physicians in the U.S. who is trained and board certified as both a medical doctor and a naturopathic doctor. Dr Miller's philosophy on patient care is, “It's no secret that good patient care is based on caring for the patient. I feel that the best aspects of conventional and naturopathic medicine complement one another and when combined, they can represent the highest level of medical service.”

As a full-time academic and clinic faculty member at NCNM, Dr. Miller teaches courses in pharmacology, geriatrics, pathology, endocrinology and emergency medicine. He received his medical doctorate degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine in 1982. Thereafter, he completed an internship in family practice at Earl K. Long Hospital in Baton Rouge, La., followed by a residency in internal medicine at Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland, OR. After 13 years in private practice, Dr. Miller began his naturopathic education at NCNM and in 2001, he graduated with both academic honors and honors in research.

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