Rihui Long, Master of Medicine (China)



As the chief medical officer of classical Chinese medicine at the NCNM Clinic, Rihui Long has several responsibilities as a Chinese medicine practitioner. He also supervises students and sees patients privately. With nearly 30 years of clinical experience, Rihui treats a broad-range of conditions. Those he is particularly skilled and experienced in treating include:

•   liver disease
•   ulcerative colitis
•   hypothyroidism
•   menopausal syndrome

An expert in treating digestive disorders, Rihui’s approach is founded on spleen and stomach theory and practice handed down through his teacher’s lineage. He is also skilled in the Zang-fu differentiation system of diagnosis. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are Rihui’s primary forms of treatment. “I believe Chinese medicine works better than conventional medicine,” says Rihui. “I love the peace and harmony governing the ancient art of classical Chinese medicine.”

Rihui attended Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Chengdu, China, where he earned both a Bachelor of Medicine and Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine) degree. Before coming to Portland, Rihui practiced privately and taught at the University of TCM’s International Training Program and Neijing Teaching and Researching Office. He also taught at the Canadian College for Chinese Studies and the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in British Columbia, Canada.

Over his career, Rihui has become an authority on the classic text, Neijing, known by several translated names including The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine—the seminal medical text of ancient China. As a writer, translator, editor, and public speaker, Rihui has published several articles in professional journals, contributed to books, and presented public lectures locally on the benefits of Chinese medicine for various conditions.

Along with his clinical work, Rihui is a professor at NCNM’s School of Classical Chinese Medicine. He has been teaching Internal Medicine, Clinical Case Presentation, Classical Case Studies, Classical Texts: Neijing, and Traditional Mentorship Tutorial along with other courses since 1996.

Courses taught:
•    CCM 610   Internal Medicine I
•    CCM 620   Internal Medicine II
•    CCM 710   Survey of  Classical Texts
•    CCM 746   Clinical Case Presentation II
•    CCM 719   Classical Case Studies I
•    CCM 971/972   Classical Texts III & IV on  Neijing
•    CCM 981/982/989   Traditional Mentorship Tutorial I, II, III
•    CCM 543E   Wei Qi

When not practicing or teaching, Rihui enjoys hiking and playing the ancient Chinese board game, Go.

Curriculum Vitae

1982-1984 Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Med), Chengdu University of TCM, Chengdu, China
  Thesis Title: Qi Dynamic Theory and Its Clinical Application
1978-1982 Bachelor of Medicine (TCM and Western Med), Chengdu University of TCM, Chengdu, China
2009-present Professor, School of Classical Chinese Medicine, NCNM
2005-present Chief Medical Officer
  School of Classical Chinese Medicine; NCNM Clinic; NCNM
2007-2008 Associate Dean for Clinical Education
  Pettygrove Classical Chinese Medicine Clinic, NCNM
  School of Classic Chinese Medicine, NCNM
2005-2009 Associate Professor, NCNM
2000-2006  Chief of Staff, Pettygrove Classical Chinese Medicine Clinic, NCNM
1996-2005  Instructor, NCNM
1995-1996  Associate Professor, Deputy Director of International Training Program, CUTCM, Chengdu, China
1995 Visiting Professor, Canadian College for Chinese Studies and the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Victoria, BC, Canada
1994-1995 Clinician at the Pain Management Clinic, Winnipeg, MA, Canada
1986-1994  Lecturer, Neijing Teaching and Researching office, Dept. of Basic Medicine, CUTCM, Chengdu, China
1998-Present Diplomat of NCCAOM
1986-1996 Member All-China Association of TCM
1986-1994 Member All-China Association of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Various Scholar's Hour, sponsored by CCM Department
2004 “Excess Syndromes of the Kidney” (October 2004, 76: 23-29). Journal of Chinese Medicine, London, England
2003 “Qi & Yang Deficiency of the Liver” (February 2003, 72: 14-20); Journal of Chinese Medicine, London, England
2002 “Treatment by Chinese Medicine: Liver & Gallbladder Based Erectile Dysfunction (part 2)” (June 2002, 69: 13-19); Journal of Chinese Medicine, London, England
1995 ’95 International Conference on Research and Application of Chinese Materia Medica, Translating and Editing, Chengdu, China
1995 “The Concept of ‘Shen’ in Yellow Emperor’s Classics” Sichuan Journal of TCM
1993 “Professor Chen Chaozhu—expert of TCM Formulas” Sichuan Journal of TCM
1991 “A Selection of Yellow Emperor’s Classics” Textbook for CUTCM
1991 “Essentials on Chinese Naturopathy” translating and editing
1989 “The Method of Practical Traditional Beautification” Beijing: Ancient Book Publishing House of TCM
1992 Lecturing on Neijing and Pulse Diagnosis in Germany, hosted by the Germany Classical Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Society
1990-1995 Executive editor for “Jing, Qi, Shen” in the project of “Chinese Medical Canon”
1992-1993 Co-researcher on “Homodynamic Study on Animals by Acupuncture”
1991 Editor for “Essentials on Chinese Naturopathy”
Mentored more than 60 MSOM students at tutorials conducted at my home since 2001
Member of Peer Review Committee, NCNM
Member of the Faculty Development Committee and CCM Department Subcommittees
Member of Clinic Focus Group
Member of Clinic Culture Competition Committee
Head of Clinic Entrance and Exit Examination Subcommittee
Head of Clinic Education Subcommittee
Jan 2010 & Jul 2011 Presented acupuncture for Oregon Mini-Med School
May 2009 Presented Chinese medicine and acupuncture for "Little Doctors" visit to NCNM
Mar 2009 Acupuncture education for kids at NCNM
Apr 2007 Lecture on “Diabetes—the Modern Disease and Ancient Treatment” at Pettygrove Clinic
Aug 2006 Lecture on “Health Preservation and Longevity” at Murray Christian Church, Portland
Apr 2006 Kino TV Interview on Acupuncture Treatment for Osteoarthritis
2005-2006 Volunteering for Medicine Fair sponsored by Asian Health Center and Pacific and Asian Services
July 2004 & 2005 Received visit to Pettygrove CCM Clinic by Mexican medical delegation
Jan 2003 Presentation on Menopause and Chinese Medicine at the Renaissance Book Store 
Apr 2002 Seminar on Seasonal Allergy at the Renaissance Book Store
Dec 2001 Presentation at Marywoods Retirement Center
Oct 2001 Presentation at home on “ difficult case studies”

Updated Dec. 6, 2012