Brittany Kolluru, ND

Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Brittany Kolluru is a board certified, primary care naturopathic physician treating patients of all ages. She is a private practitioner and adjunct faculty substitute at NCNM. Dr. Kolluru is known for her creative treatment style that focuses on the individual to develop treatments that fit into each person’s unique schedule and lifestyle. She recognizes that there are many factors that contribute to ideal health including physical, mental and emotional aspects.

“My goal is to help patients be successful. Most people already know what things are healthy for them or what they “should” be doing. My job is to help you figure out how to actually make these ideas work in your life. No one wants to be sick or unhealthy, but sometimes we need help figuring out how to make smart choices without feeling deprived or restricted.”

Dr. Kolluru treats acute and chronic diseases, as well as performs yearly screening exams and physicals. In addition to her primary care practice, Dr. Kolluru has a particular focus and interest in skin conditions and performs minor surgery skin procedures including removal of moles, cysts, lipomas and nails. She also performs biopsies and removal of most types of skin cancer, as well as treatment for sunspots or age spots. 

Dr. Kolluru completed her four-year naturopathic medical degree from NCNM in 2010. She then accepted a highly competitive two-year residency position at NCNM, during which time she completed a two-year rotation in skin care and minor surgical procedures. Additionally, Dr. Kolluru completed rotations in women’s health, physical medicine and IV therapy, as well as community medicine.

Dr. Kolluru currently practices at the NCNM Clinic where she sees patients privately without student involvement. This allows her to provide patients with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities only available in an academic setting without foregoing the experience of a private practitioner. Dr. Kolluru offers free 15-minute consultations in person or by phone for potential new patients to discuss their symptoms or questions.

Curriculum Vitae

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine 2010
National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, OR
     Cardiopulmonary Medicine Rotation  
     Heart and Lung Wellness, Center for Natural Medicine, Portland, OR
     Nine-month clinical rotation under the supervision of Martin Milner, ND. Focus on chronic disease
     management including cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease and endocrine disorders.
     Preceptorships 2009-present
     •  Hillary Costello, ND; Minor Surgery, Pediatrics, Women’s Health, 100 hours  
     •  Chad Byars, MD; Emergency Medicine, 75 hours  
     •  Shawn Peters, ND; General Practice, 66 hours  
     •  Sandra Szabat, ND; IV Therapy, 40 hours  
     •  Patrick Chapman, ND; Diabetes Management, Physical Medicine,  30 hours   
     •  Chris Booren, ND; Nutrition, General Practice, 25 hours  
     •  Jack Rosoff, MD; Emergency Medicine, 20 hours  
     •  Lara Williams, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology, 10 hours  
     •  Kimberly Suriano, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology, 10 hours  
     •  Gary Weiner, ND; IV Therapy, Nutrition, 10 hours  
     •  Jon Mason, MD; Gastroenterology, 9 hours   
Bachelor of Science, Nutritional Sciences  2006
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA   
Adjunct Faculty, Substitute 2012-present
National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, OR  
•  Facilitate weekly shifts as the attending physician responsible for one resident, 6-10 students, and oversight of all patient care on an as-needed basis  
Primary Care Physician 2012
Oregon City Medical, Oregon City, OR  
•  Provide primary care for patients of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds   
•  Deliver urgent care services to patients through onsite walk-in clinic  
•  Provide on-call services for current patients evaluating emergency medical situations and patient concerns 
•  Collaborate within a multidisciplinary care setting including MD, NP, ND and DC  
Resident Physician, Second Year 2011-2012
National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, OR  
•  Manage and facilitate weekly shifts as the attending physician responsible for one resident, 6-10 students, and oversight of all patient care  
•  Course Instructor for Clinic Synthesis I-III a clinical skills enhancement course consisting of small group mentoring and role playing between faculty and students  
Resident Physician, First Year 2010-2011
National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, OR  
•   Supervise students in direct patient care involving diagnosis, treatment and long term disease management
•   Provide on-call services for current patients evaluating emergency medical situations and patient concerns
Private Tutoring, Portland, OR 2008-2010
•  Provide social and educational tutoring for a 17-year-old male with Asperger Syndrome  
Teaching Assistant 2009-2010
National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, OR  
•  Assisted professors in multiple classes: Naturopathic Manipulative Therapeutics III – cervical region, Palpation I, Palpation II and Hydrotherapy Laboratory  
Nutrition Seminars 2007-2008
YMCA, Portland, OR  
•  Created and presented interactive nutrition seminars for facility members and the community  
•  Topics included understanding nutrition labels and their claims, identifying and overcoming obstacles to healthy eating and the role of diet and lifestyle in heart health  
Shift Lead 2006-2007
New Avenues for Youth — Ben & Jerry’s Partner Shop, Portland, OR  
•  Supervised a staff of 15 at-risk youth; teaching professional behavior, business practices and customer service   
•  Implemented a new advertising strategy resulting in a 40% increase in revenue within the first 12 months

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Updated Nov. 14, 2012