José Jaime, MSW, MDiv, MA

Adjunct Faculty


José Jaime has been living and working off and on in Washington County, Ore., since 1956. He worked for the Valley Migrant League in Hillsboro the summer of 1966 before returning to Mt. Angel Seminary. Jaime attended Mt. Angel Seminary, received his B.A. and went back to Mexico. In 1973, Jaime received a scholarship to study international cooperatives in Panama City; his residence was, most of the time divided between Oregon and Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Jaime was in Washington County from 1977 to 1980 and worked for Community Action at the same time that he was the executive director of Centro Cultural, and also assistant pastor at St. Alexander’s church in Cornelius. Then he went back to work in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Professor Jaime returned to Washington County in 1984 and was again the executive director of Centro Cultural. During his time as executive director, Jaime helped in the establishment and consolidation of the following agencies:
1.    Centro Cultural
2.    Virginia Garcia Clinic
3.    California Human Development – now Oregon Human Development
4.    Petra Perez Senior Center
5.    Los Amigos Club of Centro Cultural
6.    St. Alexander Catholic Church

Jaime subsequently worked at OHSU from 1991-1999, providing financial assistance services for patients to access available health programs. In 1999, Jaime began working as shift supervisor for the Community Corrections Center in Washington County; he continues to work there as a bilingual counselor.

Professor Jaime has worked as a Spanish/English translator and interpreter, and founded the Translator’s Bureau of Washington County in 1979; for five years he was translator and writer for El Hispanic News, a local bilingual newspaper. Jaime teaches Spanish/English Medical Terminology at NCNM and Portland Community College.

Professor Jaime was an advisory board member of the Virginia García Memorial Health Center for ten years. The Jaime is now board member of Centro Cultural in Cornelius, along with several other nonprofit organizations and universities.

Getting to Know Professor Jaime:
Birth Place: Mazatepec, Morelos, Mexico
High School: Cuernavaca Seminary, Mexico
Activities: music, exercise, travel, family
Favorite Quote: “Don’t take yourself too seriously, be able to laugh yourself silly,” something I tried to instill in my children when they were young.
Music: light classical, mostly instrumental music is my pleasure
Movies: seldom do I go to the movies, but watch the news all the time
Sitcom: I prefer to watch sports with family and friends
Historical Figure: Cesar E. Chavez
Personal Style: teacher and learner
Hobbies: community involvement, travel, play music (guitar)
Favorite Vacation Spot: Cuernavaca, Mexico
Favorite Food: international foods, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Korean and others
What I like about Washington County: being so close to Portland and to the Coast, I love the rain and the overall weather throughout the year.

Important Cultural and Educational Links
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Descarga (el podcast cultural de la Universidad)
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Hillsboro, Ore.

Curriculum Vitae

Master of Social Work, Portland State University, Portland, OR 1997
Master of Arts, Mount Angel Seminary, Saint Benedict, OR 1978
Master of Divinity, Mount Angel Seminary, Saint Benedict, OR 1977
Bachelor of Arts, Mount Angel Seminary, Saint Benedict, OR 1963
Bilingual English and Spanish Counselor, Washington County Community Corrections 2009
Supervisor I, Washington County Community Corrections Center 1999-2009
Medical Social Services Specialist, OHSU. Case Management 1992-1999
Social Service Specialist, Children's Services Division. Case Management.  1991
Probation Officer, Washington County Community Corrections. Case Management.  1991
Program Director, Centro Cultural 1986-1991
Executive Director, Centro Cultural 1978-1980, 1984-1986
Parish Pastor, Dioceses of Cuernavaca, México and Portland, Oregon (Cornelius) 1971-1985
Part Time Spanish Instructor at: Pacific University, Forest Grove; Portland Community College Rock Creek; Hillsboro Tuality Hospital; Newberg Community Hospital; OHSU Hospital; Mt. Angel Seminary; Inter-American Center for Latin American Studies.
Spanish/English Translator and Contributing Writer for El Hispanic News (1986-2005). Translator for the Cities of Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Salem and Cornelius; and for Washington County. Other translations upon request for Stimson Lumber, Barney & Worth, Portland’s Tri-Met. Oral interpretations for the Federal Court in Multnomah County, for the District and Circuit and Municipal Courts in Washington County. Spanish Transcriptions and Translations for OHSU and Kaiser Permanente. Owner and Manager of J and L Jaime, LLC, a Translations/Interpretation and Transcription Services agency. Business Consultant for Cantu’s Car Care.
Lecturer regarding "Hispanic Medical Beliefs and Culture," and Spanish Medical Terminology Teacher for Portland Community College, the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, and other colleges upon request.