Eric Grey, LAc

School of Classical Chinese Medicine



Adjunct Faculty



Classical Chinese Herbalism



MSOM, National College of Naturopathic Medicine, 2009

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CCM444 Bridging Heaven & Earth

CCM511L Herbs Lab I, II & III

CCM990 Community Education Preparation



Eric Grey, graduate from the MSOM program at NCNM, has been teaching since 2009 in the Classical Chinese Medicine department. He has a passion for classical Chinese herbalism – particularly as expressed in the Shennong ben cao jing and works of Zhang Zhongjing. He also enjoys thinking through issues of professional development in the Chinese medicine profession, Chinese medicine related business, and the relationship between science and medicine. Eric runs a clinic in SE Portland, Watershed Community Wellness, where he focuses on the treatment of chronic, unexplained illnesses using herbs and acupuncture. He also runs popular Chinese medicine website

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