Dr. Karen Frangos

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ND, National College of Naturopathic Medicine

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Initially a licensed physical therapist, Dr. Karen Frangos complements her training as a naturopathic physician with more than 25 years of prior clinical practice in complementary physical medicine. Now, as a doctor and life-long athlete, she continues to concentrate on sports medicine, orthopedics and rehabilitation. She particularly enjoys working with female basketball and tennis players. After seeing thousands of patients, Dr. Frangos is expert at diagnosing injuries and objectively determining whether a patient needs orthopedic surgery or more conservative care. Although she focuses primarily on physical conditions, Dr. Frangos honors and integrates the mind-body connection through sensitive counsel with her patients.

Dr. Frangos’ primary modalities are bone and soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic exercise, clinical nutrition based on DNA testing, non-steroidal trigger point injections, prolotherapy (proliferative injection therapy), and microcurrent electrotherapy. “I am an educator every day in my work,” she offers, “I like to teach people about how their bodies function, and explain my findings, assessment, and plan with an emphasis on how my patients can take care of themselves, as appropriate.

When not practicing or teaching, Dr. Frangos enjoys hiking, biking, swimming and playing tennis. When home, she relaxes with her life partner and three cats watching sports channels and filling in crossword and sudoku puzzles. As well, she loves cooking whole foods versions of favorite recipes handed down by her Greek grandmothers. A world traveler, she gravitates to the tropics, especially the Caribbean, coastal Mexico, and Hawaii where she appreciates connecting with her core totem animal, the dolphin.”