Jim Cleaver, LAc



Jim Cleaver has a strong commitment to the psychology of healing and building client relationships to ensure the most efficient and complete healing process. Pain management and sleep disorders are areas of focus in his practice. His therapeutic approach combines acupuncture, Shiatsu massage, lifestyle counseling, Taiji and Qigong.     

Jim has been practicing Chinese medicine for over twenty years. He began his training in the therapeutic arts in 1973, apprenticing with a master of Shiatsu massage in San Francisco, CA. In 1978, he received certification in therapeutic massage from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy, where he later served on the faculty as Shiatsu instructor. He received his Diploma in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Herbology from Five Branches Institute in Santa Cruz, CA, in 1987.

Since becoming a licensed acupuncturist, Jim has assisted in curriculum development and taught at Five Branches Institute, the Oregon School of Massage and the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. In 1995, Jim brought his vision and teaching expertise to NCNM's School of Classical Chinese Medicine. He is developing a classical Chinese medicine (CCM) doctoral program for the college, and is an investigator at Helfgott Research Institute.

Courses taught:
•    CCM522   Acu-Moxa Points II                               
•    CCM523   Acu-Moxa Techniques II
•    CCM419   Chinese Language,History &
•    CCM429   Chinese Language,History &
•    CCM997E   Shiatsu II (Short Form Front)                    
•    CCM806E   Shiatsu V Long Form (Front)                      
•    CCM815      Tai Ji I Practicum Yang Style                    
•    CCM964E   Tai Ji II Yang Style                             
•    CCM966E   Tai Ji IV Yang Style

As a trailblazer in the field, Jim has worked with well-known authors Nigel Weisman and Andy Ellis to edit and translate several notable Chinese medicine texts. He has also written numerous CCM textbooks for NCNM, where he is a full-time faculty member and a supervising acupuncturist at the NCNM Clinic.

Curriculum Vitae

1988-1989 Chinese Language Studies, Xiamen University, Fujian, PRC
1988 Chinese Medicine Clinical Training, Xiamen TCM Hospital, Fujian, PRC
1987 Diploma, Five Branches Institute; College of TCM, Santa Cruz, CA
1984 Chinese Herbal Studies, Andrew Gamble, San Francisco, CA
1983 TCM Intensive, Shanghai Medical College Staff Doctors, San Francisco, CA
1977-1982 Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Ron Kurtz, Boulder, CO
1977-1981 Movement Education Training; multidisciplinary instruction, Boulder, CO
1978 Diploma, Boulder School of Massage Therapy, Boulder, CO
1977-1978 Crisis Intervention Counseling, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
1977-1981 Chinese Martial Arts & Energy Development Training, Boulder, CO
1973-1975 Shiatsu Training, Richard Hyatt (Shizuko Yamamoto), San Francisco, CA
1995-present Full-time Faculty, National College of Natural Medicine Chinese Medicine Dept.
1990-present Director/Instructor, Shiatsu Program, Oregon School of Massage (OSM), Portland, OR
1990-1996 Faculty, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM), Portland, OR
1990-1994 Training Assistant, Hakomi Skills for Professionals, Portland, OR
1984-1988 Faculty & Administration, Five Branches Institute of TCM, Santa Cruz, CA
1982-1988 Instructor, The Amma Institute of Traditional Japanese Massage, San Francisco, CA
1985-1986 Instructor, Twin Lakes College, Santa Cruz, CA
1979-1982 Instructor, Women's Oriental Health Collective, Boulder, CO
  Founder & coordinator, Shiatsu Therapy Group, Boulder, CO
1977-1982 Faculty, Boulder School of Massage Therapy, Boulder, CO
1978-1979 Trainer, crisis intervention counseling, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
2008 Vanguard Faculty participant (Evidence-Based Medicine for CAM Providers)
2007-present Faculty Senate representative to the NCNM Academic Affairs Committee
2003-present NCNM/CCM Dept. school rep to CCAOM (Council of Colleges of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine)
2003-present NCNM/CCM Dept. liaison to NCCAOM (National Certification Committee for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine)
2001-present CCM Dept. Shiatsu Program Coordinator, NCNM
2000-present NCNM Library Committee
2007-2008 Associate Dean for Academics, School of Classical Chinese Medicine, NCNM
1998 Licensed Acupuncturist, Oregon
1991 Instructor Certification, American Oriental Bodywork Therapy Assoc. (AOBTA), NY
1988 National Acupuncture Diplomate, (NCCAOM)
1988 Licensed Acupuncturist, California
1980 Certification, Hakomi Therapist and Trainer, Hakomi Institute, Boulder, CO
2011 Primary reader for Moxibustion for Patients with Fatigue and Malaise: An Exploratory Study
2011 Member, IRB (Internal Review Board)
2010 Tester and co-author: Reliability of AcuGraph System for Measuring Skin Conductance at Acupoints
2009 Co-principle investigator, Acu-magnet therapy as an adjunct to usual care for diabetic patients
2008 Develop Research Protocol for Ear-Magnet Viability Study (to regulate blood sugar in Diabetics)
2008 Acu-Magnet Literature Review Team
2007 Acupuncture Point Research Team
2012 Lifetime Achievement Award, NCNM Student Government Association
2008 Making a Difference: Zhang Zhong-Jing Good Chinese Scholar Award
  NCNM Student Government Association

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