Dr. Alicia Bigelow

School of Naturopathic Medicine



Adjunct Faculty



Environmental Medicine, IV Therapy



ND, National College of Natural Medicine, 2004

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CLE811 Clinical Primary Rotation
PHM710 IV Therapy



Dr. Alicia Bigelow’s interest in natural medicine began while on a 10-day backpacking trip in Wyoming when she was 15 years old. While on this trip, her food supply became exhausted, forcing her to supplement her diet with edible plants. From this experience, she realized “Food and medicine don’t come from a grocery store or pharmacy…food and medicine come from the Earth.” This appreciation for natural medicine, which was born out of her life-saving experience with edible natural plants, expanded into an interest in naturopathic medicine. 

Dr. Bigelow’s focus on prevention serves as the foundation for her interest in environmental medicine and preconception cleansing. “The general population has accumulated toxins that through conception and pregnancy can be concentrated and passed on to their offspring. With all of the recent press about the negative effects of common pollutants on developing neurological and endocrine systems, a preconception cleansing program can work to reduce or eliminate these pollutants and offer the best possible start for a healthful life. It is preventative medicine in its most fundamental sense.”   

Dr. Bigelow has completed Dr. Walter Crinnion's Environmental Medicine for Health Care Professionals program and is certified in IV and heavy metal chelation therapy.

She attained an undergraduate degree in geography from University of Colorado and earned her doctorate in naturopathic medicine degree from National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in 2004.  Dr. Bigelow completed a two-year residency at NCNM’s Natural Health Center and is the supervising physician of the environmental medicine rotation. In addition she has her own private practice in Tigard, OR. In her spare time, Dr. Bigelow sings in a community choir, enjoys knitting, and takes advantage of Portland’s outdoor terrain, with her interest in trail running and biking.