Dr. Roger Batchelor, DAOM

School of Naturopathic Medicine and School of Classical Chinese Medicine



Associate Professor



Classical Chinese Acupuncture



DAOM, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, 2005

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Auricular Points
Acu-Moxa Points I & II
Acu-moxa Techniques I & II
Chinese Diagnosis Lab II
Classical Cases
Bridging Heaven & Earth: Ways of Knowing I-III
Case Observation I & II
Clinic Internship



Roger Batchelor began studying natural therapies, such as bodywork and herbs, in 1983. He graduated from SW Acupuncture College in New Mexico in 1987. Public health then became a ten-year career, working for Central City Concern as an LAc, primarily at the 54-bed Hooper Center. He taught acupuncture and qigong at OCOM, traveling to China four times for further study. Completing a clinical doctorate in 2005 led to becoming an OCOM department chair and participating in multiple research projects.

Roger began teaching classically based acupuncture at NCNM in 2009. He enjoys being with his family and spiritual gatherings, gardening, hiking and tandem biking.