Dr. David Allderdice

School of Research & Graduate Studies



Assistant Professor
Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research



Integrative Oncology Research



ND, National College of Naturopathic Medicine, 2008

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RES 501 – Journal Club, Oncology



Dr. Dave Allderdice is Portland’s first board-certified naturopathic oncology specialist. A graduate of NCNM in 2008, he completed a two-year residency at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia where he worked as a naturopathic cancer specialist before returning to Portland in 2012 to start a private practice and teach at NCNM. Dr. Allderdice enjoys sharing his passion for combining science, research, and natural medicine in an holistic approach to truly advance cancer care in our community. He is engaged in building collaborations between natural medicine and larger cancer treatment groups such as Compass Oncology and OHSU's Knight Cancer Center. The field of integrative oncology is growing rapidly and Dr. Allderdice provides specific training for NDs interested in cancer research, cancer care, or seek to combine both in their future practices.

Dr. Allderdice teaches integrative oncology research in NCNM’s MSIMR program and leads a journal club for students reviewing current research in integrative oncology. He is developing a cancer care clinic shift at NCNM’s teaching clinic. Through these endeavors, Dr. Allderdice seeks to expand and improve the field of cancer care, both for his patients and the next generation of naturopathic doctors. 

Dr. Allderdice has two boys, ages one and four, who keep him and his wife, Stephanie, busy. He enjoys geology, world travel, cycling, and is a student of different spiritual and healing traditions from around the globe. Dr. Allderdice has a private practice in downtown Portland.