Residency Opportunities – NCNM Clinic


NCNM Clinic, Portland, OR
Leslie Fuller, ND

  • Seven Full–time, One–Year Positions

  • Start date: October 2014

  • General practice with time split between the NCNM Clinic and community clinics.

  • Assist and supervise student teaching shifts; supervise hydrotherapy shifts; and assist in academic CPD, GYN and other lab classes as needed.

  • Opportunities for private practice shifts.

  • Weekly continuing education.

  • Strong academic and teaching background preferred.

  • Download the complete job description.

A Woman's Time/NCNM Clinic, Portland, OR
Tori Hudson, ND, and Leslie Fuller, ND

  • One Full–time, One–Year Position with possibility of extending into a second year.

  • Start date: October 2014

  • Integrative medicine – preferential focus on women's health.

  • Assist with student shifts at NCNM clinics one–quarter time.

  • Applicants must have demonstrated some acumen and special interest in women's health, previous preceptoring with physicians who are strong in women's health, and/or clinic shifts where that experience was gained.

  • Knowledge of botanical and nutritional therapeutics is beneficial.

  • Current residents are encouraged to apply.


NCNM Clinic, Portland, OR
Leslie Fuller, ND

  • Three Full-time, One-Year Positions

  • Start date: October 2014

  • Working as supervising physician on teaching shifts each term as well as working with other doctors on teaching shifts.

  • Assist with quarterly proficiency testing of students.

  • Participate in external rotations.

  • Opportunity for private shifts at NCNM Clinic

  • Organize and supervise Clinic Synthesis classes & weekly Grand Rounds

  • Second year residency: Completion of first-year residency to apply from an accredited program is required.

  • Third year residency: Completion of second-year residency to apply from an accredited program is required.