Natural Spermicide

Sperm samples needed for a new study on a natural spermicide.

Participants can contribute up to two samples to the study. Each sample is compenstated with a $10 gift card to New Seasons Market.

To participate you must be:

  • A biological male, 18-50 years old

  • Willing to provide a semen sample

  • Willing to abstain from ejaculation for 3-7 days prior to collection

  • Able to provide the sample either at the NCNM clinic or deliver it to the research laboratory at NCNM within 30 minutes of collection

If you have a history of any of the following, you will not be eligible for the study: excessive use of alcohol, recent or chronic use of recreational drugs, vasectomy, impotence, infertility, cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer or other genitourinary cancers, varicocele, HIV, hepatitis, trauma to the groin within the last 6 months, genitourinary or prostate infections within the last year.

For more information call 503.552.1911.

This study is being conducted by the Helfgott Research Institute at the National College of Natural Medicine.
IRB#: 032012
Principal Investigator: Heather Zwickey, PhD