Nancy A. Scarlett, ND

Nancy A. Scarlett, ND

Associate Professor
Phone: 503.552.1798

Nancy Scarlett, ND teaches the bioethics course in the MSiMR program, which focuses on ethical issues raised by biotechnology and research on human subjects. She also teaches in the naturopathic medicine and classical Chinese medicine programs where she specializes in clinical and physical diagnosis, urology and medical ethics. A Vanguard faculty member since its inception, Dr. Scarlett employs principles of evidence-informed practice in her courses and in clinic. Dr. Scarlett co-presented with Dr. Richard Barrett at the 2013 American Association of Naturopathic Physicians annual convention on physical examination diagnostic accuracy. Her research interests include inter-professionalism, the use and efficacy of essential oils (particularly in the area of substance abuse), and multiculturalism in medicine.

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