Mikel Aickin

Mikel Aickin, PhD

Adjunct Faculty
Phone: 520.626.3496


Dr. Mikel Aickin brings his biostatistical expertise to the natural medicine research at NCNM's Helfgott Research Institute. Dr. Aickin’s career began in Arizona, where he was the director of biometry at the Arizona Cancer Center and the director of biostatistics at the Arizona Prevention Cancer Center. Upon leaving Arizona, he returned to the Pacific Northwest, where he received both his undergraduate degree in mathematics and his Ph.D. in biomathematics from the University of Washington.

Dr. Aickin pursues reliability measurements, casual and complex system analyses, evidenced-based practices, stochastic compartmental models, and time–to–event analyses. Incorporating his statistical expertise with fellow researchers in the fields of natural medicine, he has published a variety of papers. Research topics Dr. Aickin has assisted in the data analysis include: colon cancer prevention, skin cancer prevention, childhood leukemia, dietary assessment in teenage and adult populations, osteoporosis, and cytogenetics.