Amy Peterson Case, MA, PhD

Amy Peterson Case, MA, PhD

Adjunct Faculty

Amy Case was awarded a PhD in Public Health from the University of Texas School of Public Health in 2012. She spent 17 years at the Texas Department of State Health Services, primarily in the Texas Center for Birth Defects Research and Prevention.

Her academic and professional experience have focused on the intersection of policy and health behavior, and she has been involved in the design and evaluation of numerous interventions aimed at improving pregnancy outcomes, for example, a collaboration between the state, a local March of Dimes, and a large private clinical practice aimed at increasing interconception folic acid intake among WIC clients.

Amy sees her appointment at NCNM as consistent with the trajectory of her experiences in public health, which began when she became a certified instructor for the International Childbirth Education Association in 1988.

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Research Interests

  • Healthcare financing and integrative medicine

  • Systematic reviews and interview methdologies

  • Public and policymakers' attitudes toward complementary and alternative medicine

  • Attitudes and policies that support/discourage natural childbirth

  • The impact of nutrition and nutritional supplements on embryonic development

  • Non-medical approaches to treating fever

  • Lifecourse approaches to improving child and adult wellbeing

  • Complementary and alternative approaches to improving the health and functioning of children and adults who have birth defects

  • The interaction between defects of intestinal structures and emotional wellbeing

  • Economic evaluation of interventions

Current Research

Institution: University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing

  • READY-Girls: Modifying a Linguistically and Culturally Appropriate Intervention to Provide Preconception Counseling to Young Latinas.

Institution: Texas Department of State Health Services

  • Birth Defects and Maternal Fever, Antipyretics, and Timing of Exposure: A Systematic Review

  • Attribution Theory, Ethnicity, and Beliefs about Causes of Birth Defects

  • Comparing Two Interview Datasets for Describing Patterns of Preconception Behaviors and Exposures

  • Periconceptional Risk Factors: Differences among Younger and Older Teen Mothers

  • A Systematic Review of Manuscripts Published from the National Birth Defects Prevention Study Using STROBE Criteria for Reporting Case-Control Studies