Tools for Transformation

Tools for Transformation is a case series researching the effects of an in-depth, month-long course of treatment on patient outcomes. Participants work daily with Greg Sax, LAc, MSOM, in customized, one-on-one sessions over the course of a month. Multiple treatment modalities are used including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, prescriptive qigong and/or yoga, tuina (classical Chinese medical massage), manual manipulation of the meridians and/or organ systems, and conversations about the relation between the physical and energetic systems in the body. Participants also attend four weekly “classes” that explain Chinese medicine’s view of health and the basics of qi gong. Individuals are asked to bring members of their social support network to these interactive sessions to allow the participant’s community to benefit from their healing process.

Participants for this project are chosen based on the presence of recalcitrant, chronic disease processes which have not responded well to currently available treatments. The project seeks to engage a cross section of different diseases in its study of transformative processes. Preference is given to individuals with limited access to healthcare resources.

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