Professional Conferences & Meetings

2014 Washington State Public Health Association Annual Conference

October 12 – 14, 2014, Wenatchee, WA

Conference Content Areas

  • Communicable Disease and Other Health Threats: prevention; early detection; swift response with special emphasis on communities at greater risk

  • Health Across the Lifespan: prevention of illness and injury across the lifespan, from preconception through aging; sustainable environmental and policy changes to create equitable communities and healthier families; promoting healthy starts and preventing adverse childhood experiences

  • Environmental Health in the 21st Century: current challenges and solutions; private and public sector partnering; balancing health equity and regulatory requirements; climate change and its impact on public health

  • Health System Transformation: access to health care for underserved populations; evidence-based preventive services; patient-centered health homes; coordinated care; partnering strategies; electronic medical records; new health insurance enrollment opportunities

  • Community Health Planning and Evaluation: data analysis; assessment and evaluation processes that prioritize diverse populations and subgroups; action plans (CHIP); quality improvement projects; quality planning; accreditation efforts; research

  • Advocacy through Policy & Politics: influencing local and state public health policy to positively impact communities with a disproportionate burden of disease; storytelling; and social media

  • Public Health Communications and Social Media: Marketing, messaging, and effective social media tools to reach audiences from diverse ethnic, cultural, and language backgrounds

  • Public Health Leadership: Succession planning; leadership development to build a more diverse and inclusive public health workforce; boards and oversight

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2014 11th International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology

October 26 – 28, 2014, Houston, Texas 

Conference Content Areas

  • This year's conference, "Personalized Integrative Oncology: Targeted Approaches For Optimal Outcomes," presents an opportunity for clinicians, researchers, patients and advocates to hear about and discuss the latest in evidence-based integrative oncology. Our speakers and attendees from around the globe will share their experience in health care practice.

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Science and Connection A New Era of Integrative Health & Medicine

October 26 – 30, 2014, San Diego, CA

Conference Content Areas

  • Unique educational experience that includes a current review of the art and science of integrative holistic medicine as well as an opportunity for personal renewal and meaningful connection with other participants and our faculty.

  • Discuss the importance of treating the whole person, mind-body-spirit;

  • Assess the value of a physician/patient partnership in improving health

  • Evaluate the role of evidence-based integrative holistic medicine in the treatment and prevention of common medical conditions and chronic illnesses;

  • Incorporate integrative holistic medicine treatments into patient care, referring to specialists as necessary;

  • Utilize tools and resources provided to incorporate integrative holistic medicine into their practices/organizations; and Establish a network of like-minded practitioners

  • 2014 Conference Highlights - Pre-Conference Seminars, Focused Track Sessions, And a Post Conference That begins on October 30 for Health Care Administrators

  • Outstanding, Comprehensive week-long educational course

  • Evidence-based Integrative holistic medicine presented by leading experts across many disciplines Interactive Educational formats including: case studies, experiential demonstrations, and a unique virtual Q&A experience

  • Main Conference Materials available via mobile app and conference website

  • Meaningful Daily opportunities to interact with faculty and fellow attendees to establish a network of like-minded professionals Academy Membership opportunity

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2015 OncANP Naturopathic Oncology Conference

February 13 – 15, 2015, Phoenix, Arizona

Conference Content Areas

  • Advancement in the practice of naturopathic oncology

  • Clinical relevance to naturopathic practitioners in daily practice

  • Day 1 will focus on lectures that shed light on our scientific understanding of carcinogenesis and methods to influence that process.

  • Day 2 will be focused on the active treatment of cancer from an integrative perspective and with particular emphasis on naturopathic co-management and antineoplastic therapeutics.

  • Last Day will be focused on prevention on recurrence and the psycho/social/spiritual aspects of cancer

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