Naming Opportunities

NCNM welcomes you to our Naming Opportunity Inventory.

Campus Facilities   Labs & Classrooms
  Campus Murals Project  $175,000     Small Classrooms  $25,000
  Academic Building Windows Replacement  $800,000     Herbs Lab  $200,000
  Historic Building Renovation  $1 million     NCNM Great Hall  $250,000
  NCNM Faculty & Administration Building  $4.5 million   Green Campus Environment 
  NCNM Clinic  $5 million     Living Wall  $15,000
  Library & Student Life Center  $7 million     Min Zidell Healing Garden Features 
NCNM Clinic       Greenhouse  $15,000
  Shiatsu Rooms  $20,000       Arbor  $40,000
  Treatment Rooms  $25,000       Statue  $10,000
  Colonic/Sauna Suite  $35,000     Campus Recycling System  $75,000
  Minor Surgery Suite  $35,000     Vegetable Teaching Garden  $75,000
  IV Therapy Treatment Room  $45,000     Roof Garden  $150,000
  Laboratory  $50,000   Helfgott Research Institute  $1.3 million
  Conference Rooms  $50,000   Community–Focused Spaces
  Hydrotherapy & Nature Cure Wing  $125,000     Early Childhood Center  $750,000
  Physiotherapy Wing  $150,000     Covered Stage & Amphitheatre  $150,000
  Women's Health Wing  $250,000   Endowed Academic Professorships  $125,000


Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Be associated in a highly visible way with a major event at NCNM. We offer customized sponsorship programs that have significant marketing value and will help build your corporate image or brand. All are available at a variety of sponsorship levels to fit your corporate needs.

Health Biz Expo

Health Biz Expos at NCNMWhen doctors do better in business, you do better in business. We have designed this one-day, quick-paced Health Biz Expo with business classes to attract Portland’s finest health care students and practitioners alike. With more than 300 health care practitioners in attendance and 50 exhibitor spaces, these events are a great opportunity to educate this target market about your company and its products or services. Click here for the Health Biz Expo sponsorship page.

Living Legends Dinner

The Living Legends Award was initiated by NCNM and the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians to honor extraordinary lifetime achievement among members of the naturopathic medicine community. Recognition of Living Legends also serves as a reminder of the proud history of natural medicine and provides an opportunity for all naturopaths to meet and interact with long-established physicians so that various generations of leaders can become better acquainted with each other. The Living Legends Dinner is held during the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians’ Annual Pharmacy and Ethics Seminar, which draws 300 naturopathic doctors to Portland. This December event is a wonderful opportunity to associate your company in our graduates’ minds with respect for the legacy of naturopathic medicine. Click here to learn more about the Living Legends Dinner.

Min Zidell Healing Garden Gala

Statue in Min Zidell Healing Garden at NCNMThe Min Zidell Healing Garden Gala is the must-attend event of the year. This celebration welcomes 350 guests—friends, alumni, students and corporate associates—to enjoy a champagne reception, intimate group tours of NCNM’s one-of-a-kind healing garden, and a magnificent outdoor dinner. With its pavilion, labyrinth and over 500 botanical herbs, this unique garden honors the transformative powers of nature. The garden, named in honor of Min Zidell by her children, celebrates, encourages and helps natural medicine take its rightful place in the lives of all who seek wellness and prevention of disease. Several levels of corporate sponsorship are available at this yearly June event. Invite your best customers, likely our alumni, to dine with you and enjoy the transformative and inspirational experience the Min Zidell Healing Garden offers.