From its humble beginnings our library has grown into a world-class center for learning and research in natural medicine —providing access to cutting-edge medical information and serving as a repository for the preservation of precious collections and historical records.

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A New Library for NCNM: Join the "Overdue" Campaign!

A new library—three stories tall and built from the ground up, meeting the information resource needs of today’s students and faculty, with room to grow and adapt for tomorrow—that’s what National College of Natural Medicine needs NOW. The enthusiasm and support of NCNM alumni for building a new library will be crucial to our success.

Become part of the new library “Overdue” campaign. Pledge your support at one of our affordable donation levels. We invite you to give generously.



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National College of Natural Medicine continues to lead the way to a future of unparalleled excellence, training natural medicine practitioners in research, the art and science of natural medicine and in delivering high quality patient care. NCNM is growing: offering five degrees to 660 medical students and developing a true campus with 10 buildings and two gardens

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We invite you to support NCNM's growth as it adds degrees, expands the campus and continues to provide excellent training for future physicians. 

Beloved Alumni: Dr. Bill Mitchell and Dr. Betty Radelet Halls

Give in honor of a beloved teacher, physician and leader in naturopathic medicine and to a brighter future for our students at NCNM. Your gift will help us transform the Bill Mitchell Hall and Betty Radelet Hall into places of inspiration.
Help continue the growth of these great halls.

Urban Campus Greening
Help to beautify and create green spaces in the heart of the NCNM campus: from a green brick road leading through a stunning natural landscape to a reflective pond and path of many flowers. Look at the options today.

Support the Food as Medicine Institute
Address the nutrition concern by educating and entrusting families to make healthy choices through hands-on cooking classes. Learn more.

Support the Women in Balance Institute
Offer female empowerment through community education events. Learn more.

Support the Traditional Roots Institute
Return education to the roots of herbal medicine. Learn more.

NCNM Capital Campaign
Help build state-of-the art naturopathic and Chinese medicine facilities on our campus. Contribute to the Capital Campaign – Currently at $10.2M with $14M to go!

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National College of Natural Medicine is a nonprofit educational institution recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent provided by law. Your support makes a difference. Help us continue to advance the practice and profession of natural medicine.

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