Parasite Menace


The Parasite Menace: A Complete Guide to the Prevention, Treatment, and Elimination of Parasitic Infection

by Skye Weintraub N.D.

Parasites. The word typically conjures images of impoverished living conditions, foreign travel or questionable eating establishments. But the presence of parasites is much more common than most people think. Contaminated water supplies, poor hygiene, and ignorance, coupled with the presence of various commonly found parasites puts infection rates among North Americans as high as 85 percent, according to some experts. In The Parasite Menace, Dr. Skye Weintraub educates the reader about parasites: how to prevent infection, detect their presence, and rid ourselves of them by through diet and nutrition, herbal and supplemental therapies, and other natural practices. Dr. Weintraub also examines proper hygiene practices, water filters, proper food handling, immune system fortification, and other ways to decrease our risk of being infected with parasites.

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  • ISBN: 1885670885