Hevert Collection - Volumes 1–4


ORIGINS OF NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE A historical overview drawn from the Benedict Lüst journals published between 1900-1923. These selected articles frame the key clinical and professional formation issues that have affected naturopathic doctors to this day.

PHILOSOPHY From the beginning, the naturopathic profession distinguished its medical paradigm through its philosophical approach in the practice of medicine. This book reintroduces insights into how naturopathic pioneers defined their values and ideas.

DIETETICS The cornerstone of early naturopathic medicine, this dietetic foundation experienced multiple changes in the early years. Understanding these origins illuminates the basis for many of our contemporary practices and demystifies how they evolved.

PRINCIPLES (coming soon!) The six contemporary naturopathic principles began as 12 in 1902. This book helps contemporary naturopaths understand how their principles metamorphosed over time.

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