Practical Wisdom in Natural Healing


Practical Wisdom in Natural Healing: Sage Advice for the Modern World

By Deborah Frances

In Practical Wisdom in Natural Healing, Dr. Frances draws from over thirty years of experience in homeopathic, herbal, and naturopathic medicine to provide practical and easy to apply therapies for a multitude of conditions. The book opens with a discussion of basic principles of healing and is followed by a chapter explaining the science of homeopathy. The rest is dedicated practical tips for a multitude of conditions, interspersed with more lengthy in depth discussions of several herbs, highlighting each plant’s unique personality and ability to impart spiritual as well as mental, emotional and physical healing.

As Apache medicine woman, Black Star once said in conversation to the author many years ago, “It is always the Spirit that heals.”

This book, while full of practical advice and scientific references does not ignore the spirit that is alive within each of us and the plants who help heal us.

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  • ISBN: 9780965237680