Faith-Based Fitness


Faith-Based Fitness: The Medical Program that Uses Spiritual Motivation to Achieve Maximum Health and Add Years to Your Life

By Kenneth H. Cooper

If you find yourself talking about health and fitness, but never achieving your goal, take heart―you're not alone. Research shows that in spite of the fitness craze and constant studies showing the value of exercise and proper nutrition, nearly forty-eight million adults in the United States lead sedentary lives, with one third of us overweight.

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper's Faith-Based Fitness helps you turn your words into action with a comprehensive, on-target regimen that pinpoints the relationship between spiritual faith and physical health. Known as the "Father of Aerobics," Dr. Cooper now reveals the link between spirituality and exercise and nutrition that will enable you to:

Live a longer, more energetic life
Lower your risk of heart disease
Reduce the chance of cancer
Develop a stronger immune system
Handle stress and balance your emotional outlook
Experience fewer backaches and headaches

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  • ISBN: 9780785271376