Omega-3 Handbook


Omega-3 Handbook: A Ready Reference Guide for Health Professionals By Gretchen K. Vannice

This handy reference guide offers dietitians, health professionals and savvy consumers an easy way to learn how to best use omega-3 fatty acids in clinical practice. Why are omega-3s crucial in health and disease? What is the real difference between marine and plant sources of omega-3s? How much omega-3 do we need to be healthy? Are there quality standards for fish oil supplements? How do I best advise my vegetarian and/or pregnant clients? What amounts should I recommend (or take)? The Omega-3 Handbook provides comprehensive and easy-to-understand explanations, valuable reference tables, and answers to frequently asked questions. It will help nutrition and health professionals guide their clients on how to make informed choices to meet their health needs.

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  • ISBN: 8700677