New Glucose Revolution


The New Glucose Revolution: The Authoritative Guide to the Glycemic Index - The Dietary Solution for Lifelong Health

By Jennie Brand-Miller, et al.

In 1999 The New Glucose Revolution provided the most authoritative and comprehensive information ever published about the glycemic index -- widely recognized as the most significant dietary finding of the last 25 years. It instantly became a national best-seller, garnered praise from major health and medical figures worldwide, and has sold more than half a million copies in ten countries, including 300,000 in North America alone. In the past three years, the results of clinical and observational studies, including the Harvard Nurses Health Study, have continued to affirm the dietary benefits of low-glycemic foods and to demonstrate the importance of maintaining blood glucose control for lifelong health. Now, with this completely revised and updated second edition, The New Glucose Revolution is necessary reading for an ever-expanding audience -- people managing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and everyone seeking to make dietary choices for lifelong health. Completely new to this edition is coverage of the glycemic load, a calculation of the carbohydrate content in a food multiplied by its glycemic index. Also included are extensively expanded tables of glycemic-index values for nearly 800 foods -- more than double the number of foods covered in the previous edition -- along with their glycemic load values.

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  • ISBN: 738213683