Current Occupational and Environmental Medicine 4th Edition


Current Occupational and Environmental Medicine

by Joseph LaDou

Up-to-the-minute, thorough, clinical coverage of common and important occupational and environmental diseases, injuries, and exposures

Complete, yet concise, this clinically focused guide offers the definitive overview of common occupational and environmental illnesses, covering their diagnosis and treatment-plus preventive and remedial measures in the workplace and community. With its practical format and emphasis on fundamental topics, CURRENT Occupational and Environmental Medicine is just as essential for students and residents as it is for practicing physicians. You can count on the new fourth edition to deliver the bottom-line answers you need to stay on track in this complex, fast-breaking field.


    The latest OSHA/NIOSH guidelines for occupational exposure standards
    Detailed diagnostic checklist for major diseases, injuries, and exposure that help expedite diagnosis and treatment
    The most clinically relevant perspectives on disability prevention-required reading for the occupational physician
    Skill-building insights on the importance of ergonomics in the workplace
    A step-by-step review of how to effectively manage an occupational health and safety program
    Details on substance abuse and employee assistance programs, health risk analysis, and the legal aspects of occupational and environmental medicine
    Preventive approaches to terrorist attacks on industry
    Information-packed primer on epidemiology and biostatistics for the occupational and environmental health specialist
    Up-to-date references with PMID numbers and peer-reviewed websites

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  • ISBN: 9780071443135