Guide to EKG Interpretation


Guide to EKG Interpretation: Revised Edition

by John A. Brose, John C. Auseon, Daniel Waksman and Michael J. Jarosick

A practical guide for students, interns, and practitioners in the field.

The Guide to EKG Interpretation is designed as a practical guide for primary care physicians, students, nurses, physician's assistants, and anyone else who interprets electrocardiograms as part of his or her practice.

Unlike most other textbooks used to identify and interpret EKG tracings, The Guide to EKG Interpretation is designed to function in a dual role. If the reader wishes to look up bundle-branch blocks, there is a reference section discussing this abnormality in detail. If, however, the clinician notices only that there is QRS widening on the EKG, the problem-solving section of the handbook will help lead the clinician to that abnormality.

This combination of functions and a convenient pocket size make The Guide to EKG Interpretation a useful pocket companion for the busy clinician or student.

Based on a prototype and revised according to surveyed use, The Guide to EKG Interpretation is the first in a series of White Coat Pocket Guides, designed for practitioners in the field, and published in collaboration with the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

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  • ISBN: 9780821413289